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Whatever hope last night's episode had to entertain was totally overshadowed by the news that broke earlier in the day … Kate Plus 8 is getting axed. After one lackluster episode into Season 2, it looks like Kate Gosselin's 15 minutes may finally be up. Of course, none of this was discussed on the show because it was shot months ago when Kate was still living under the delusion that she's interesting enough to sustain another season. (Though TLC was lightning-quick to create a little countdown icon in the lower corner to the show's finale.)

The theme of last night's show was "Kate's Toughest Questions," and fans and viewers got to ask the single mom hard-hitting questions like: "Are you dating anyone?" (Answer: Um, no.) Also: "Are you jealous of Jon's girlfriends?" (Kate burst out laughing.) The dumbest question of the night had to be: "What is the hardest thing about raising eight kids as a single mom?" (Answer: Uh… that?) The Stir: Jon Gosselin Is Glad Kate Plus 8 Is Over

Kate did give some candid answers to a few personal questions regarding her lack of style, plastic surgery and that HAIR. A quick montage of Kate's style throughout the years was pretty funny. It showed the heels getting higher and the skirts getting shorter. Kate also confessed that her stomach is basically plastic and that she's not totally opposed to going under the knife in the future.

The kids were also interviewed, which proved to be mildly fun to watch — but only when they were interviewing the little ones. The older twins, Cara and Madelyn, are at that age where everything that comes out of their mouth is "like, like, whatever" and it's pretty awful to listen to. And, they're sadly not as cute as the little ones.

The best part of the show were the teasers for upcoming show, which promises drama, tension and tears — which may have kept this show on the air if it had been consistent with every episode.

The show ended with a touching scene showing just how much the kids love and miss their daddy. This was quickly followed by a tribute to just how much of a nag Kate was, and then you don't feel as bad that he's not around.

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