Was Emma Watson Caught Snogging With A New Boyfriend?

Emma Watson

The young actress was recently photographed smooching her costar off-camera, but are they dating?

Many months ago, Emma Watson, 21, denied she was dating her costar Johnny Simmons, 24. A few days later, the two were spotted (and photographed) hiking together in Pittsburgh. But still, the denial persisted. Now, however, more photographic evidence has surfaced which shows the two young bucks kissing on the streets of Santa Monica . . . and the film cameras, reportedly, were not rolling. Hmm . . . seems likes they can't deny this romance any longer.

But why would they want to? It's great that Emma has finally found a dude to date who isn't scared off by her success! Back in June Emma told The Sunday Times that she'd been having trouble dating, and was feeling a bit disappointed by her love life. She said that she would ask her friends why a particular boy hadn't called and they'd tell her it was "probably because they're intimidated." She also noted that prospective dates "feel they have to knock me down" by making fun of her first. "They know perfectly well who I am, but they'll ask me, 'How are the Narnia films going?'" Emma Watson's Love Woes

Man, sometimes guys can be such misogynist d!cks. Her past encounters with less-than-desirable men have rendered Emma a pretty good judge of character—allowing her to know discern a dud from a gem in no time.

So now, no doubt, it takes a guy who has got his feet firmly planted on the ground with a generous amount of confidence to even have a shot with Emma. Hell, we'd be intimidated to just go up and talk to Emma too, so we can kind of side with those guys who feel intimidated (although the guys who poke fun still stand alone). Although, we bet it helps take the edge off of approaching this famous beauty when you're working with her every day for several months. So Johnny lucked out in that department when he got cast alongside her in the upcoming The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It's a great aide when you're both working on a film together, as it serves as a social ice-breaker. We're sure Johnny took his time, got to know her, and by then the intimidation had settled and she no doubt seemed more approachable as a regular human being instead of a scary non-human famous person.

And though Emma told Vogue back in June that she "would love to not date someone in the same industry as me. Otherwise it becomes what it means to everyone else," it seems that may be the only way to go for a while. At least someone in the industry has an idea of how the whole fame rigmarole works; so it may be a good thing? And perhaps these two had an obvious attraction to each other from the getgo, but Emma has held off because he's an actor too. But, has she even ever tried dating anyone in her industry? Her most recent ex-boyfriend was George Craig, front man of the British indie rock band One Night Only. (They also had a similar ice-breaker when they met, which was during a Burberry photo shoot.) And she's pretty young, so she doesn't really know how things will work out at this point in her life until she tries them—process of elimination young Watson! Emma Watson Reveals Her 'Harry Potter' Crush

So we still don't know for sure if these two are an item, but they were definitely caught kissing. So at least fame hasn't stopped Emma from getting some.

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