Salma Hayek's Husband Fathered A Child With Linda Evangelista Too

Linda Evangelista son

Francois-Henri Pinault reportedly impregnated both his wife, Salma, and Linda during the same year!

What were you doing in 2006? Well, if you were 49-year-old French businessman Francois-Henri Pinault, you were knocking up two very gorgeous (and famous!) women.

Monsieur Pinault, who owns Gucci and other luxury brands, fathered a daughter named Valentina with Salma Hayek in 2007 and then later married the Mexican actress in 2009. And, now, according to the New York Post, we now know that he is also the father of former supermodel Linda Evangelista's son, Augustin, who was born at the end of 2006.

Like January Jones and other actresses who've kept the identity of their baby daddies a secret, Linda, 49, has never publicly acknowleged that the wealthy luxury brand owner was Auggie's dad. (She even tried to throw reporters off the track by telling them in 2008 that her baby daddy was a "New York architect.")

However, unluckily for Linda, New York court records are public, and her recent trip to family court to hash out a child support agreement with Francois finally confimed what she hadn't: that the businessman impregnated both Salma and Linda during the same year and is the father to two preschool-aged kids! Salma Hayek Weds Baby Daddy

Although some have already dubbed Francois a two-timing Frenchie, supposedly he conceived his son with Linda while he and then-girlfriend Salma were broken up. So, it's possible that he's not the cheating scoundrel that some want to make him out to be.

"This is no Schwarzenegger case. No one was married. There was no infidelity," confirmed a source to People Magazine. Salma Hayek's Kid Asked Her To Take Daddy's Name

Still, we can't help but feel a bit bad for Salma. It's one thing for your husband to have children from a previous marriage, but it's totally another for him to have had a love child with a famous supermodel while you were on a break!

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