Rihanna & Chris Brown: The Twitter Drama Continues

Rihanna Chris Brown

The singers face world scrutiny following their exchanges on the microblogging site. What gives?

Twitter has put singers Rihanna and Chris Brown -- not to mention their relationship -- back into the spotlight. And that's leading Rihanna to lash out right back.

Sure, we hear about celebrities going oversharing and taking a swipe at each other on their Twitter pages all the time. But, when it involves two popular singers once embroiled in a scandal filled with a public break-up and physical assault… Well, that's just MUCH more interesting.

If you're catching up, here's the deal: earlier this week, Chris reportedly tweeted to Rihanna, asking her if she'd "got that pic" he sent her. While the post was deleted, the world was a buzz wondering if this meant a reunion for the couple. Chris Brown Allegedly Assaults Rihanna

Then things got more interesting when a tweet (which Bossip managed to screen grab) was posted on Rihanna's page, saying: "I admit, I provoked Chris to hi me. It was not entirely his fault. #ImSORRY"

That set the online world ablaze with tons of sites reporting on the issue. However, according to what we read on Entertainment Weekly's website, singer Rihanna chose to blow up MTV Canada's Twitter page, saying "are u f****** kiddin me?????? You're supposed to be a RELIABLE source for news on music and this is the bulls*** u post??"

Angry, you think?

Well, there's no doubt RiRi should be pissed if the story isn't true or if her page was hacked. However, that said, we would think that after the scandal in 2009 and the media hype that followed, it would be clear as day that it would be smart for both Chris Brown and Rihanna to lay low on any communications with each other, especially on a platform as public as Twitter.

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What Rihanna and Chris choose to do is their business. We just hope they know to expect a LOT of opinions to circulate about it, too.