Kim Kardashian Describes Engagement Deets On The Tonight Show

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Kris's romantic proposal almost makes you forget about Kim's $2 million dollar ring. Almost.

Kim Kardashian's recent engagement to her boyfriend of six-months, Kris Humphries, has sparked debates over whether or not her marriage will last much farther past her walk down the aisle. But based on her description on The Tonight Show of his proposal, we'd say Kim is off to a pretty good start to a blissful marriage. Kim Kardashian Engaged To Kris Humphries

The NBA player surprised the sex symbol when she came home one day (via He had the bedroom filled with candles and was waiting for her on bended knee, surrounded by rose petals that asked her the question every little girl presumably dreams about, "Will you marry me?" We wonder how long it took him to arrange the flowers just so? Why I Think Kim Kardashian's Quick Engagement Is A Good Thing

Kim confessed to Jay Leno that even though it wasn't love at first sight with Kris, it was close. By month two she knew that she wanted to be spend the rest of her life with the athlete.

The talk show host also let Kim prove to viewers that her gorgeous Lorraine Schwartz ring was the real thing. According to, to test the 20.5 carot diamong ring's autheticity, Jay lit the ring on fire-literally. The alleged $2 million dollar piece of jewelry burst into flames, which, as previously explained, meant it was a fake. Fortunately for Kim (and Kris), Jay explained he had switched the real ring with a fake as a gag. And honestly, we'd hope Kris would know better than to try to fool the diva.

With that romantic proposal and stunning engagement ring, we're expecting big things from the Kardashian-Humphries wedding—and knowing the Kardashians, maybe even a live-television event?