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7 Things Men Love About Intimacy (Besides Sex)

The rumors are true: Men love sex. It would be a mistake, however, to think that the ONLY thing we like about sex is the actual intercourse. Here's six other things about intimacy that we like (almost) as much:

1. Cuddling
True. Guys like cuddling. It makes us feel big and strong and all "providey" to wrap a woman up in our arms. HowAboutWe: Why Sex Really Does Change Everything

2. Spending ALL DAY in bed
Getting to the point where you're both so hungry that you have to get up but you still don't want to? That's the best. HowAboutWe: 12 Things Women Prefer To Sex

3. Saying things we've never said before
It's hard to say why, but guys tend to get loose lips after sex. Sometimes during that post-coital high, we get lulled into telling women things that we've never told anybody before. Acceptance is big for us, so being naked with a woman and sharing something really personal and having her not run screaming down the street is HUGE. HowAboutWe: Guys- Stop Being Jealous And Just Get Better At Sex

4. Massages
Whether we're getting them or giving them, massages are awesome.

5. Showering together
A. We get to look at you all naked and soapy.
B. It saves water.

HowAboutWe: 5 "Imperfections" That Guys Find Totally Hot

6. Laughing
I don't know why everything is fives times as funny when you're naked in bed, but it is. HowAboutWe: What Sex Means to Men: 6 Deep Dark Secrets

7. Getting Breakfast
Sitting across the table from a woman who is all disheveled because we just had sex gives us such a feeling of accomplishment. And there's a meal involved! HowAboutWe: 9 Twists On The Classic Coffee Date

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