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Maid Of Honor Debates Skipping Best Friend's Wedding After She Asks Her Not To Be In Photos

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A hurt friend opened up about why she's considering missing her best friend's wedding on Reddit's “Am I the A–Hole?” subreddit.

 "AITA" is a subreddit where users can share conflicts they have had and others decide on whether they are right or wrong. 

The devastated maid of honor had been working hard on her best friend's wedding for two years which has not been an easy task since the bride is “the kind of girl that has to have everything perfect or it's completely ruined.”

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In the midst of the wedding planning, she became pregnant and now her best friend is mad.

The bride asked her not to be in any of the wedding photos with her pregnancy bump.

She had been having fertility issues for years so this pregnancy was considered to be a miracle. But it seemed more like an obstacle to the “best friend”.

OP shared the big news with her friend, “and she seemed…upset,” 

“She wasn't too happy that I was pregnant and her first question is if I would fit in my bridesmaid dress,” the maid of honor wasn’t worried though since it was a “flowy” fit.

She bought the dress and expressed that she would pay for any alterations to it. 

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She had found it strange that that was the first concern of the bride, and she expressed in the post that it was “Like literally her first question, not even congratulations.”

One user commented, “Not only would I drop out of the wedding but I’d drop out of this farce of a friendship,”

“No friend worth having would have responded to your happy news with anything less than genuine excitement for you.”

The bride didn't want her to be fully included in the wedding.

During a phone call between the bride and maid of honor, the bride had told her, “it wouldn't be the "bach party of her dreams” if she didn’t drink with the rest of them. To put the bride's mind at ease, she reassured her that she will have fun regardless. 

Later, she got another phone call from the bride, where she claimed that the maid of honor’s baby bump would be “too distracting.” 

The bride still wanted her to pay for the bachelorette party but had decided she would not be in any pictures or make any speeches.

“We have been best friends since we were 10. I would have never in my wildest dreams expected her to act this way.”

Many in the comments believed that she should just drop out of the wedding. 

One user offered a lovely piece of advice," You are a privilege to know and deserve to be in loved one's pictures — regardless of your physical state,"

They ended the comment by saying, "Drop out of the wedding and drop out of her friendship."

Towards the end of the post, she finally expressed how she truly felt about the bride. It seemed like she had come to her own conclusion.

"I really don't feel like paying for, and being supportive of, a person who treats me like a disposable mooch after years of fertility issues."

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