People In The Strongest Relationships Share These 5 Types Of Intimacy

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The 5 Definitions Of Intimacy

And only one involves sex!

Intimacy isn't just a psychological fad or a rallying cry for contemporary couples. It is very real state of being based on our deep biological need for love and affection, and despite what some people may believe, it goes way beyond it's common meaning as a euphemism for sexual intercourse.

Yes, when people think about intimacy, they often think of sex, but while it is a process that may involve sex, it doesn't necessarily have to.

Intimacy is about closeness, about being together and about creating and maintaining a bond which is an integral part of any relationship, with or without sexual intercourse. At it's most basic level, intimacy is defined as "a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group."


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Usually when people begin to feel disconnected from each other, the major problem is lack of intimacy. This is because it requires a level of vulnerability that goes a long way towards aiding in the growth and development of a relationship. When your relationship lacks ongoing intimate connections, it becomes vulnerable to toxicity.

To make matters somewhat more complicated, the concept as a whole can be far more complex than many people realize, as there are several different types of intimacy and each one plays a crucial role in the success of our relationships.

Here are definitions of the five major types of intimacy and the way each one impacts all of our love lives.

1. Emotional intimacy.

This is the ultimate and most relevant type of intimacy needed in a romantic relationship. Emotional intimacy is all about connecting your mind and feelings together with your partner. It is all about sharing your experiences with your partner.

And, you may be shocked to know that most couples do not experience this phase of intimacy in their relationships.

Emotional intimacy is the phase or type of intimacy wherein you acknowledge your partner for who he or she is without any reservation and defects, and where you consider your partner before anything else. At this level, whenever there is danger, the first person you think of is your partner.


2. Physical intimacy.

This type is derived from communicating with and looking at the people around you, and it is the most common form of intimacy. In relationships, you get to the physical intimacy phase once you get to understand the feelings and attitude of your partner.

This level of intimacy includes, but is not limited to, sexual intercourse with your partner, as well as nonsexual physical contact such as holding hands, cuddling and hugging.


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3. Intellectual intimacy.

This is vital type of intimacy is crucial in the lives of most every couple, friendship or partnership, and is focused on sharing your thoughts and opinions regarding the things you care about most. This involves the sharing of intellectual thoughts and insights with your partner through discussions that may be either light-hearted or incredibly serious.

The cord binding you together is reinforced as you go about the business of mentally exercising your thoughts with each other. This can also involve brainstorming with your partner to solve pertinent questions and problems or playful exchanges of information such as your favorite songs, movies, and poems.


4. Spiritual intimacy.

In my opinion, the most important type of intimacy. Spiritual intimacy can be seen as the hub from which all other intimacy types get projected. It comes from being together, praying for one another, and praying together at the same place of worship.

Not religious? Don’t worry, you can still connect spiritually without prayer. Take time to meditate together, give thanks for the life you share, and promise to work through challenges together as you go.


5. Recreational intimacy.

Many couples strive to reach that point where they find a great amount of comfort and joy in doing recreational activities together. It might be a form of indoor or outdoor sports, going to the movies, heading to the park to relax, heading out on a hike, or anything of the like.

When you invest time participating in recreational activities and sharing common interests, you appreciate all of your time together more than ever before.

And now that you know some of the intimacy types, get ready to know your partner on a whole new level!

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