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Bride Refuses To Include Stepmom In Her Wedding Plans After Her 'Distasteful' Response To Her Engagement

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A bride-to-be didn't think twice when it came to excluding her stepmother from having a say in her wedding.

The anonymous user posted the debacle to the subreddit "r/AmItheA--hole" (AITA), a forum where users try to figure out if they were wrong or not in an altercation that has been bothering them.

"My stepmom has been married to my dad since I was 7. She was the other woman in my parent's marriage and she was also supposed to be my mom's best friend. I didn't know her very well pre-affair reveal," the bride-to-be's Reddit post began.

She explained that her stepmother had lived in another city and "apparently spent most of my life and all of my sister's life" having an affair with their father.

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"My sister and I knew we didn't have parents who got along after the divorce, we could sense the tension, once or twice we had an idea mom hated our stepmom, but she never said or did anything directly in front of us."

While the woman and her sister could sense the tension, it didn't stop them from still loving their stepmother.

However, after the bride-to-be and her fiancé announced their engagement on Facebook, she noticed a peculiar post her stepmother made in response that immediately soured their relationship.

The stepmother's post led her to exclude her stepmother from the wedding planning.

In response to the engagement announcement, her stepmother wrote a lengthy post that rubbed the bride-to-be the wrong way.

"[She] wrote a post about how she dreamed of this day when I was born, how she had been so excited to watch her very first baby grow up and get married, how she and dad had talked about it before I could walk," the woman wrote.

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Her stepmother tagged not only her father in the post but also a slew of friends that were also close with her mother.

The bride-to-be called the post "distasteful" and led her to believe that her stepmother had planned to have the affair with her father.

It ultimately ended up changing how she viewed her stepmother.

She tried to tell her stepmom to take down the offensive post.

"I told her to take it down and apologize, she told me she did not regret the post and why wasn't I happy she loved me that much."

The woman accused her stepmother of trying to rub their relationship in her mother's face by making the post, and that she actively tried to backstab her mother.

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The stepmother argued that everything happened over two decades ago and that her mother should "just get over it."

Even though her stepmother is a wedding planner, she decided to axe her from having a say in anything relating to the planning of the upcoming ceremony.

"Mom was so happy when I told her. But when my stepmom wanted to know when she'd be dress shopping with me and what I wanted her help with, I told her I did not want her involved in any wedding planning."

Her stepmother argued that she was "overreacting" about the entire situation, and slammed her for treating her this badly despite how much of a "good parent" she'd been in the past.

A majority of people who commented on the woman's Reddit post agreed that she was NTA (Not The A-hole).

"Her mask slipped and now you know who she really is," one user wrote. "Let them threaten to not come, let them insult you and your mom, let them make themselves out to be victims."

A second user wrote, "Step-mom's post is really tacky and awful. You no longer view her in the same way and why would you want her toxic air during wedding planning?"

"She overstepped with that post and now you know who she truly is, but a 'best friend' who has an affair with your husband, yeah she’s always been bad news," a third user added.

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