Sienna Miller Is Dating RPatz's Best Friend, Tom Sturridge

Sienna Miller

We wonder if Sienna and Kristen Stewart are planning any double dates?

Actress and one-time 'It' girl Sienna Miller apparently wasn't bluffing when she recently told The Guardian that she had already moved on from her relationship with Jude Law, whom she broke up with this past February. And it seems that 29-year-old The Factory Girl star already has a new piece of British arm candy, 25-year-old actor Tom Sturridge, better known as Robert Pattinson's best friend.

If you remember, there were some rumors a while that Tom was moving in on Robert's girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, so Tom and Sienna's recent pairing should make the Twilight actor sigh a breath of relief! (Not that anyone could really steal Kristen away from Robert. Bella and Edward forever! Their relationship seems to be going strong.)

Anyway, Sienna is currently starring in a West End play in London, and she and Tom have reportedly had lots of cute coffee and dinner dates together. At one Chinese restaurant, fellow diners even spotted the two engaging in some serious PDA. Jude Law & Sienna Miller: Splitsville

"She was feeding him noodles and dumplings with solid silver chopsticks," said an eyewitness to the Daily Mail. "He was rubbing her shoulders and kissing her, but at the end of the meal she seemed to get rather tearful so she paid the bill and they left in a taxi."

Hmm...We wonder what the tears were about? Does Chinese food remind Sienna of Jude? Or did she realize that Tom seems to have a thing for women on the rebound? (He reportedly also dated Carey Mulligan last year, right after she broke up with Shia LaBeouf.)

Regardless, we can't wait to see how this relationship progresses and how fashionista Sienna will get along with tomboy Kristen when the times comes for the inevitable double date.

Photo Credit: INF