Royal Wedding: Will Kate Middleton Always Live In Diana's Shadow?

Kate Middleton

Princess Di and Kate Middleton: What do you do when your mother-in-law is a saint?

As if being a bride-to-be isn't enough pressure, princess-to-be Kate Middleton has been thrust into the international spotlight. Her appearance, style and wedding have become ripe fodder for gossip. She's gotten flack for quitting her job to prepare for her wedding and been the center of a media-invented kerfuffle over whether or not Camilla (current Princess of Wales and second wife to Prince Charles, Prince William's father) will have to curtsy in her presence.

Then, there's The Diana Problem. How will Kate handle living in Diana's gilded shadow? And how will her wedding stack up to the most elaborate, romantic wedding in recent memory?

While tensions between a bride and her future in-laws are common, mother-in-law issues can be even more complicated when the groom's mother is deceased—particularly in a case like Kate's: Princess Diana, is a beloved, practically sainted, public figure whose tragic death was mourned by millions. Is Kate Middleton Trying Too Hard To Be Princess Di?

"Diana was on an elevated pedestal that most mothers-in-law would never come close to," says Julie Spira, dating coach and YourTango Expert. "It will be challenging for [Kate] as she will need to continue to honor Prince William's love for his mother, while creating a special place for the two of them."

But before they get to the marriage part, Kate and Wills have a scrutiny-filled month ahead of them. Just as the world waited to watch Princess Di and Prince Charles' wedding on TV three decades ago, eyes from every corner of the globe are waiting to see how this prince and his long-time love will tie the knot—and how it compares to Di and Charles' lavish affair.

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