YourTango Talks With Debi Mazar And Gabriele Corcos

Debi Mazar And Gabriele Corcos

The star of Extra Virgin and her husband talk love—in and out of the kitchen.

On her new Cooking Channel reality show Extra Virgin, actress Debi Mazar and her Italian husband Gabriele Corcos literally beckon you into their kitchen to share their secrets of authentic Italian cooking…and a glimpse into the cuteness of their 10-year marriage. We got both Mazar and Corcos on the phone to get their he said/she said take on the ingredients of romance. 10 Greatest Love Stories Of All Time

YT: How'd you get the idea for Extra Virgin?

Gabriele Corcos: It was born out of love! Debi was ... pregnant, so all of the sudden, I was going to become a father and I was figuring out what changes I would make in the kitchen, and how I would help my family eat fresh. I wanted to be close to my kids and make them aware of how much richer life can be if you just embrace it, feed yourself right and don't take it for granted.

Debi Mazar: He called it, The Tuscan Cookbook for the Pregnant Male... Six months later, we thought we'd take out a camera and shoot making some of the recipes... We were funny together in the kitchen, so my talented husband ended up putting it together and editing it and blogging. We called it Under The Tuscan Gun,—"the gun" is my mother-in-law saying, "Feed my son and feed my granddaughters!" Then we hooked up with the Cooking Channel. Women Think About Food More Than Sex

YT: Where'd you meet?

DM: At Madonna's wedding to Guy Ritchie, I met Katia Labèque, who is a French, world-famous classical pianist. She'd asked me to stay with her if ever I was in Italy. So I called her from Barcelona like, "Do you remember me? Can I come stay?" She had this beautiful townhouse in Florence [with] musicians rehearsing from all over the world in her music room. Gabriele happened to be the conga player... [One day] I came downstairs in this Cat On A Hit Tin Roof slip. Gabriele walked in and when I saw him, he had this energy radiating out of him, which I know sounds really queer, but it was like sunrays were coming out of his head or something.

... The next day, he asked me if I wanted to run into the piazza to get cigarettes. We stopped and got a cocktail and sat on the steps of this 12th century church and we talked for three hours. [Later] he said, "You're fantastic! We should have kids together!" I was like, "What did he just say?" We sat back down, the energy changed, and we realized that we had something between us. I went to kiss him on the cheek and we banged lips and I was like "Who the f*ck was that?" The next day my friend asked him to take me on a tour of Florence. We ended up falling in love close to the Ponte Devecchio Love At First (Or Second) Sight

YT: Was it love at first sight?

GC: Absolutely!