Katherine Heigl And Josh Kelley's Secret To A Happy Marriage

Katherine Heigl And Josh Kelley's Secret To A Happy Marriage

The rest of Hollywood should take a lesson from this couple's book!

Hollywood marriages fall apart every day, both longer ones (Demi and Ashton) and super-short ones (um, hello Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries). But maybe Hollywood couples should take a lesson from actress Katherine Heigl and her musician hubby Josh Kelley. The two have been married for four years and recently talked to Access Hollywood about how they keep their marriage exciting, fresh, and full of love3 Secrets To A Long, Happy Marriage (From A Couple Married 80 Years)

So how exactly do they make it work under the pressures of Hollywood life while also being parents?

"It's not easy, but it is ideal if we both have our own thing, our own passions, our own focus on our careers. We can kind of come back to each other and there's this fire there," says 32-year-old Heigl. "We're happy because we have these great careers that we're happy with. That happiness is infectious—it sort of bleeds into everything."

It seems simple, and yet it makes so much sense. Her thriving acting career and her husband's success in music equals happiness on the home front. Could Kim and Kris, for example, have made it for the long haul if they had just shared their passion for their work instead of letting it come between them in their short union? Maybe. According to Kelley, when he and his wife are apart working on separate projects, their love for each other only grows. Katherine Heigl And Husband Introduce Daughter

"I think it works for us for sure, because absence does actually make the heart grow fonder if it's not for too long," he explains. "It's like new for the first couple days back every time I come home, and it's really sweet."

Perhaps the biggest key to their relationship success is that Katherine and Josh have their own passions, but they share their struggles and talk things out.

"Because you're in the same business, you understand. Even though my business is different, being in music and her being an actress, you understand what kind of day she's been through, if it's grueling. You have things to talk about."

Maybe more marriages—both in and out of Hollywood—would survive if more couples explored their own interests and could figure out how to translate that passion into their marriage! Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Try To Save Marriage In Minnesota

Do you think having your own passions and interests makes for a stronger relationship in the long run?

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