Can Peaches Geldof Let Go Of Eli Roth?


A broken-hearted Peaches Geldof tweets about the man who dumped her.

We were already cringing when we found out that hottie producer of The Last Excorcism Eli Roth was dating British socialite, model and writer Peaches Geldof. We'll admit that their match-up confused us, their PDA displays tripped us out and his defense of her journalistic skills even made us chuckle.

However, now that they're broken up, we may want to consider hurling just a little (or a lot). Mainly because the darling Peaches, notorious for tweeting absolutely everything, made sure to keep her followers in the loop at every turn—especially about her feelings, some of which are kinda bummers.

Let's break down the timeline, shall we? When things were looking gloomy, Peaches started leaking clues through her Twitter account. However, it was a dead giveaway that things were over with Roth when she tweeted: "Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable." (A little gem from the Wizard of Oz. Deep, huh?)

Then, we see some glimmer of hope from Peaches as she tweets about checking eagerly for an e-mail... Waiting for something from Eli, maybe?!

Note to self: if you spend all night checking hotmail to see if you got a response you will not have any semblence of fun. [SOURCE: Twitter]

And while she's responded to a couple of his tweets, the clincher is this little pearl from this past Friday, about her not being able to stop thinking of someone... (Again, pining over Eli...)

Do you know how much I'm thinking about you. [SOURCE: Twitter]

WOW. As far as we can tell, it seems that many of her tweets are all about her achy-breaky heart. And we're wondering what Eli thinks! Hmm...

Well, with all this tweeting, we're thinking that Peaches is definitely not doing much to hide how devastated she is. And, while we know break-ups are no fun, we're thinking her all-too-telling Twitter stream is just a little TOO revealing—even more than Roth telling the world she was "great in bed.

Maybe she can focus on other things... And eventually change her tweets to be a little more peppy or something.

Photo via TwitPic.

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