Kelsey Grammer Announces Divorce On Twitter

Kelsey Grammer divorce
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Kelsey Grammer and his wife of 13 years, Camille, are divorcing, which is sad, and he announced it on Twitter Thursday, which is weird. "Hello everyone thank you for ur support and Yes it's TRUE Camille and I are Divorcing I ask U 2 respect our privacy in these difficult," he wrote. And then he ran out of characters. Oh man. The Olds using technology is just pitiful sometimes.

Kelsey, who's currently on Broadway in the Tony-winning revival of La Cage Aux Folles, followed up the announcement tweet with a series of 140-character blurts on the subject of his marriage.

"Had some bad news to deal with today. I am hoping that people will be respectful of our privacy during the divorce process. We have issued"

"a statement asking that our children be respected as well. I would like to add that I know people will be tempted to say some mean things."

"I realize that it is human nature but I ask that you be particularly sensitive to the feelings of my wife. She has been a terrific partner"

"for many years and should not be treated with any disrespect at this time. Things fell apart between us. That is all. She is still the"

"mother of my children and any disparagement of her will only hurt the children. Camille did not want this but has made a very difficult"

"decision and I respect her for it. I appreciate your kindness for all parties in this matter. Especially for her and the children."

And an hour after that he wrote, "To my twitter friends, I once again ask that all tweets about Camille be kind and mindful of the fact that she is the mother of my children." Love In The Time Of Twitter

Kelsey's publicist followed the Twit-splosion with this statement, and with no apparent appreciation for the inherent irony: "Kelsey and Camille value privacy. They understand that private lives sometimes get played out in public but ask on this occasion that their privacy—and the privacy of their children—be respected." Part of the flak on Twitter might be due to Camille's next gig—the former Playboy model will be appearing on Bravo's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, since it does not appear to be necessary for cast members on that series of shows to actually be anyone's wives. Real Housewife Headed For Real Divorce

Kelsey and Camille's kids are eight and five and Camille is seeking primary physical custody, according to the filing she submitted in Los Angeles yesterday. Kelsey also has two older daughters from previous relationships. The breakup is, of course, sad for everyone involved, but we have to wonder if Twitter is the right place to air all that. Frasier Crane would never be so, well, gauche. But Sideshow Bob totally would.

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