Hangover Star Ken Jeong Wins, Cries For Wife

Ken Jeong thanks wife The Hangover MTV Movie Awards

MTV Movie Awards feature one sparkling moment of true emotion.

Ken Jeong, star of The Hangover, brought one single, shining moment of true emotion, gratitude, and grace to the orgy of self-congratulatory excess that was last night's MTV Movie Awards. The doctor-turned-actor, accepting his popcorn trophy for Best WTF Moment, thanked his wife, Tran, and teared up when talking about how his Hangover pals supported him while Tran battled breast cancer. "Todd [Phillips] and Bradley Cooper ... helped me through a really difficult time when my wife was going through breast-cancer treatment," he said. "The reason why I did this is that she taught me that life is short, and don't be afraid to take chances."

We assume he was referring to getting butt-naked and jumping on Cooper's face in last summer's raunchy hit comedy, although he could be talking about his whole acting career. Ken, 40, was working as a doctor when he landed his breakout role in 2007's Knocked Up, and since then he's been in Pineapple Express, last summer's bomb All About Steve, and the upcoming Transformers 3, and he played the hysterically bored Spanish professor Señor Chang on Community with YourTango crush Joel McHale.

Ken met Tran, who's also a doctor, while both were working for Kaiser Permanente in California, which we suppose means that HMOs aren't completely evil. They have three-year-old twin daughters, Alexa and Zooey. After he accepted his award and the Movie Awards got back to being about promoting summer blockbusters and famous people doing crass, stupid stunts, Ken said backstage, "[My wife] is the brave one and just my best friend, my inspiration. I'm just really grateful. ... I was just celebrating her. This whole night is about celebrating her." True Love: Caring For My Sick Husband

Tran's cancer has been in remission for two years, but Ken said that while shooting The Hangover they feared for her life. "In all seriousness, Todd and Bradley really got me through a really tough time," Ken said. "I don't think anyone really knows what great guys Todd and Bradley are." Bradley Cooper Tries To Avoid Aniston Curse

Via People.com.