Prince William And Kate Middleton Set A Wedding Date!

Prince William and Kate Middleton walk together.
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And the intense planning for the biggest wedding of the year begins....

Prince William and the princess-in-training, Catherine "Kate" Middleton wasted no time after announcing their engagement news: The happy couple has not only set a wedding date, but picked a location as well! According to the royal rumors, the pair will get married on April 29th, 2011 at Westminster Abbey, where Queen Elizabeth II was married. (Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married at St. Paul's Cathedral.)

The location wasn't a shock, as Kate was just seen checking out Abbey, however, we were a little surprised by the impending date. April 29th is only five months away (which feels really rushed considering it took Wills eight months to pop the question!) Now we get that Kate will have lots of help with the wedding planning, and she won't have to go out looking for the perfect wedding dress or anything (considering designers are lining up to show her their sketches,) but still. Pulling together a wedding, especially one of this scale is no easy task—even with all the queen's horses and all the queen's men to help. So after we heard the date, our first impulse was to wonder if perhaps, the rush to the altar is because Ms. Middleton is expecting? But just as we started picking out baby names for the mini prince or princess, we heard that Prince William wanted as short of an engagement as possible—from the start. So alas, we do not believe there is a bun in Kate's oven, but wouldn't that be quite the royal scandal! (Still, we're predicting a royal birth won't be far off. After all, who knows what will happen on the honeymoon?)

Okay, so back to the wedding planning. Now, April 29th isn't just any old day. It happens to commemorate the feast day of St. Catherine of Siena, and we all know by now that Kate's given name is Catherine (since the oh, so proper palace doesn't use nicknames), so the wedding date is really in honor of the bride. (Kinda sweet that the day was chosen for Kate (or should we say, Catherine?), right?) It's a pretty big sign that the royal family is really welcoming Kate into the family despite her "middle-class" background. (And by middle class, we mean that her parents aren't royalty or twelfth generation nobility but rather, what we might call "new money," as they actually made their millions. But considering we just said millions, they are hardly what we might call "middle-class" despite the fact that Kate was nicknamed "middle-class Middleton" by some snobby classmates, who are eating their words now.).

It seems the royals are making a real effort not to repeat the same mistakes that caused Prince William's mother to fall into a depression shortly after her wedding day and eventually divorce Prince Charles. In fact, according to The New York Daily News, Kate's even undergoing "counseling" to train her for royal life, which we're sure isn't just about how to curtsey the right way but how to handle the paparazzi, constant scrutiny and a husband who's constantly busy performing his royal duties.

Now, as for the actual ceremony, according to palace insiders, despite the fact that Westminster Abbey can seat 2,000 guests (imagine a wedding with 2,000 guests!), the couple apparently likes the Abbey's "intimacy." (Yeah, we're not fully understanding that one either, but it is like, the ultimate place to get married if you're British.) And although they have all of Britain's resources at their fingers, according to People.com, William and Kate are "calling the shots" when it comes to the planning.

"This is Prince William and Catherine's day," the Prince's private secretary (aka his personal assistant) said. "They are giving us very clear direction and calling the shots, and through me, their wishes are being put into action by—as you can imagine—a rather large supporting cast."

And given the tough economic times, palace officials said the two families will cover the cost of the wedding and honeymoon (how generous of them, really,) although the British taxpayers will be footing the security bill, which we're guessing will be pretty hefty.

As for the wedding dress, well, we have yet to find out who Kate will wear (and we're all waiting with bated breath, so come on Kate spill it already), but we know that the best bridal gown designers in the world (including Monique Lhuillier and British designer, Ben de Lisi) are rumored to be sketching designs for the future princess. We're sure that this fashionista will walk down the aisle in a dress to remember, although we're secretly hoping it's not as froofy and old-school as the dress Princess Di wore.

While we're still not sure what song Will and Kate will dance to, Radar Online has discovered the couple's favorite song is "I Like The Way You Move" by the Bodyrockers, which we're guessing won't be approved by the royal family. Likewise, we don't think the palace will be serving their favorite cocktail, called a "crack baby" (seriously), which is made with fresh passion fruit mixed with vodka and champagne and served in a shot glass. (The name alone would probably give the Queen a heart attack.) And for our last random bit of royal wedding trivia, which we already told you, but think is worth mentioning again: Kate will be 29-years-old on her wedding day, which probably seems quite normal to you, but makes her the oldest royal bride ever, which we just love. Welcome to the times, royals!

And that's all the wedding scoop we got for you guys... for now. But stay tuned for more royal wedding updates….