Jesse James Mistress Michelle McGee: Bipolar Nazi?


New, disturbing details on Jesse James' tattooed mistress.

RadarOnline.com has really dug deep to get all the dirt on Michelle "Bombshell" McGee—the tattoo model with whom Jesse James cheated on wife Sandra Bullock.

In an exclusive interview with Radar, Michelle's BFF Mary Gusman says that, "Jesse James did kind of deceive her because she really honestly was under the impression that he and his wife were living in different houses." And according to Michelle's former boss, Danielle Dee Madrano, Bombshell told her that Jesse's marriage to Sandra was "a sham," and that he only married her "for publicity." Why would Michelle have said that? Was she living in a fantasy world or were these really the lies Jesse told her to get her into bed?

It could be a little of both. Jesse is clearly a dog, but new allegations paint Michelle as much worse: a bi-polar, racist drug addict. According to court documents from Michelle's custody battle with ex-husband Ronald Shane Modica, Ronald claims that Michelle has slipped "more and more into stripping, pills, alcohol," and alleges that she films pornography at home. He also says that his ex is a "mentally ill" woman who supports White Power, gives the Nazi salute, dates gang members, and has used her son Avery's name as a stripper alias. Ew, yuck, ew, and triple yuck. Jesse James Cheated On Sandra Bullock With This

We're sure more details will be forthcoming on this crazy broad. Stay tuned...if you dare.

Photo via TMZ.