Zoe Saldana Loves Sex, Can't Live Without It

Zoe Saldana lots of sex

Avatar star Zoe Saldana is into booze, shagging.

Zoe Saldana tells the April issue of Essence magazine that she really likes having sex, which does not surprise us at all, as she's young, gorgeous, and, as we saw in Center Stage, very flexible. "Love it, love it, love it—can't live without it! I love sex," she said. "I love skin. I don't believe the body is something to hide." Well, how nice for her boyfriend, Keith Britton!

Zoe also said in the April issue of Glamour, where she, along with Amanda Seyfried and Leighton Meester, was one of three cover girls, that this year she wants to "have more sex, travel more, drink more wine and love life." That sounds like a pretty great day to us. And, um, if we'd spent the better part of a year in a warehouse rolling around with Sam Worthington, we'd probably feel like having loads of sex, too. So good for Zoe for getting hers. Oscar Presenters: Rating Their Chemistry

Zoe's had quite a week, hasn't she? She looked absolutely lovely at the Oscars on Sunday, even though we don't agree with her dress, and she has four movies opening this year, including the remake of Death at a Funeral with Chris Rock, and Avatar is being re-released in theaters over the summer. And her second Star Trek movie! We feel confident about preemptively declaring this The Year of Zoe Saldana. Now everyone go Netflix Center Stage and enjoy her unmitigated awesomeness. Ooh, or Crossroads, with pre-trainwreck Britney.

Via The New York Daily News. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.