5 Outrageous Beauty Rituals Women Do "Down There" *Shudder*

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 Beauty Rituals

Back when actress Jennifer Love Hewitt revealed that "one of her friends" glued Swarovski crystals around her vagina we were intrigued with this idea of "vajazzling" But we were also a little worried that some women are taking personal landscaping a little too far.

Some other intimate beauty rituals we find ridiculous?

1. Waxing. Some women swear by this. They say having zero pubic hair makes sex more pleasurable and it doesn't hurt that men find it sexy. Speaking of "hurt," this process is painful and some of us also find it disturbing that there are men who prefer a look that predates our coming of age. But the practice is so widespread that there are even take-home bikini wax kits. Even if we were willing to try this, we'd rather go to a professional.

2. Stencils. Less invasive than a vaginal piercing, yet somehow more ridiculous. Some stencils are designed to help you replicate the look of various waxing treatments: the landing strip and the classic triangle. And then there are those, like Betty Beauty (a site dedicated to cutesy pube products) that have stencils allowing you to shave your hair into the shape of lightning bolts, stars, hearts and more.

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3. Hair dye. Betty Beauty is even better known for their pubic hair dye, which we must admit intrigues us. If you're too chicken to dye the hair on your head electric blue, why not experiment with the hair down there first? Betty Beauty has classic colors like auburn, black, blonde and brown, but also offers some more offbeat colors, like Bridal (aqua blue), Fun (hot pink), Sexy (lilac) and Love (red).

4. Pink Button genital dye. So, this product is more for the bits that poke out of our pubic hair, but we felt it was crazy enough to warrant a mention. My New Pink Button is a "genital cosmetic colorant" meant to restore the pink to your ... um, pink button. Personally, we're not letting that stuff anywhere near our crotches.

5. Pube perfume. We'll admit it, this doesn't actually exist. But scented hair removers like Coochy Shave Cream do, in flavors like pear, berry, and green tea. Yum, pubes!

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