Nostril Hair Extensions Are The Newest Fashion Craze Because This World Has Gone Crazy

Photo: Instagram: @gret_chen_chen
nostril hair extensions

Yes, you read that correctly.

As time goes on, we have to sit back and watch as the craziest of fashion trends and crazes pass by. Most recently, squiggle brows, braided brows, and the trend of putting glitter literally anywhere on your body crowded social media as some of the top beauty trends of 2017.

But once one trend becomes outdated, another one rises up and makes its way onto your Instagram feeds. That possible new trend that could take the world by storm? None other than nostril hair extensions, of course.

An Instagram post has us questioning our entire lives. In the post, Instagrammer @gret_chen_chen has done something no one else has ever thought to do: she glued false eyelashes to the outsides of her nostrils, calling them — wait for it — nose hair extensions.

Is this the next big thing? Only time can tell, I suppose.

Eyebrow art is so 2017. It’s going to be 2018 soon, and we’ll need a new trend. But what on earth inspired this now viral Instagrammer to put falsies on her nose to create nostril hair extensions?

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GretChen Chen told PopSugar, ”I just feel it's boring to have hair extensions on a normal place.” All in all, she really does have a valid point. We should all be more daring when it comes to our beauty.

In truth, we take fashion and beauty much too seriously. Makeup is a form of art and should be treated as such. And if we aren’t experimenting with our art, it becomes boring.

Will nostril hair extensions become “the next big thing”? Probably not. But we should let people have fun and put falsies wherever we want without so much judgment. Life's too short to be plain.

Like squiggle brows and feathered brows all over again, let girls incorporate fun and art into their style and the world will be a better (and more outgoing) place without the constant negativity surrounding these beauty trends.


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