Split: Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal

Split: Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal

She wasn't ready to say "I do" and for him that was a major "I don't."

Woody Allen once said that a relationship is like a shark. It either has to keep moving forward or else it dies.

Turns out the real present underneath the figurative Gyllenspoon tree was a dead shark, and not an engagement ring, as was widely reported here and on other blogs. Jake Has Engagement Ring Under Tree For Reese

Well, scratch that. It looks like Jake may have really had a diamond ring all ready to place on Reese's finger, it's just that she wasn't ready for it.

As leaked to PopEater's Rob Shuter last week, Jake was ready to pop the question and couldn't have been "more excited."

"Her children love him, his family loves her," said the source, "and now it's time to make it official."

Sound thinking, one would say. However, Reese — who is divorced with two children from Actor Ryan Philippe and who has said before that she was 'unsure' of marriage — didn't share his excitement. Per another PopEater exclusive:

The relationship was at the point where they either got engaged or broke up," a friend of Jake's tells me. "There is no doubt that they love each other very much, but Reese wasn't ready to say 'I do.' And if she wasn't ready after two years of dating, Jake wondered if she ever would be."

Both are said to be devastated by the split, and although friends hope for them to get back together, most agree it's very doubtful.

Poor Jakey. What a sad way to ring in the New Year. Fight Single Blues This Holiday

Scoop via PopEater.com. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.