Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress Caught Lying

Tiger Woods

The saga continues as new reports of Rachel Uchitel's lying and Tiger Woods' womanizing surface.

Just yesterday afternoon, CelebLove reported that Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods' supposed girl-on-the-side, has denied all rumors that she had a sexual relationship with the pro golfer. The rumors began a couple of weeks ago when The National Enquirer ran a story about the alleged affair, and gained momentum as speculation swirled about the cause of Tiger's recent car crash and his wife Elin's involvement. Tips For An Affair-Proof Marriage

Over the weekend, Rachel hired spotlight-loving feminist attorney Gloria Allred to represent her, quite possibly to file a defamation suit against the Enquirer. Rachel has claimed that the article's sources are not friends of hers, but the Enquirer was ready with proof that Rachel does indeed know at least one of them, and posted a special online report to that effect. Apparently, Rachel and source Ashley Samson were close enough to vacation in Spain together, and the Enquirer's Web exclusive includes photos of the two girls partying on that recent trip. They certainly don't look like strangers.

The mag slammed Rachel for a bunch of other lies as well, including her fib that she flew to Australia with a boyfriend to see Tiger play in the Australian Masters. She also claimed that she was never in the Crown Towers hotel, where Tiger was staying, but after an Enquirer reporter said he saw her there, she changed her story to say that she had been there, just never to Tiger's floor. But—you guessed it—yet another eyewitness claims to have seen Rachel check in and head up to "the 35th floor, which houses the hotel's ritzy VIP suite."

And according to Blackbook, Rachel may not be the only lying cheat in this story. Anonymous sources have said that Tiger is no innocent, and that he's been flying around in private party jets equipped with "working girls" for his entourage's and his own enjoyment for years. Why Powerful Men Cheat

Tiger's done nothing but whine about how he wants to keep all of this a private matter, but he needs to realize that he lives in the public world. The longer he keeps trying to sweep everything under the rug, the worse it's going to get for him and his wife.

Scoop via Celebitchy. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.