Mayan Calendar Predicts A Royal Wedding In 2012

A Royal Wedding?

Not quite, but the British press is ripe with speculation and a few hard-to-ignore facts.

2012: End of the world, or the British Monarchy's next big come back? Rumors are circulating around Britain that Prince William will be marrying Kate Middleton in 2012. And while there hasn't been a Royal press release, per se, there have been a number of hints that have got the glossies going bonkers over the possibilities. Wills And Kate To Tie The Knot?

Here are the facts behind the speculation:

Even though the couple, who have been together off and on for nearly seven years, are not engaged, The Daily Mail reports that Prince William has long talked of marrying when he turns 30. And that will be in 2012.

Not only that but his year Prince William is finally going to be around for Kate's January birthday, a sure sign that he is getting serious about his relationship with the brunette beauty.

Prince William has made sure his first official overseas visit is carefully scheduled so he doesn't miss girlfriend Kate Middleton's birthday. He has put his foot down over the January tour of New Zealand after missing her last two birthdays. The Prince has insisted he will not set off until after Kate's big day on January 9, when she turns 28. William is now due to fly to New Zealand on January 17 for the official visit. [Source: The Daily Mail]

What else is happening in 2012? Lots. Not only will it be the Queen's Diamond Jubilee (celebrating sixty years on the throne), but it will also be the London Olympics — An "opportune time to put Britain and the Royal Family on the world stage," says a royal insider.

Instead of taking the customary tour around the commonwealth, which would be oh-so gauche considering that the country has just emerged from a recession, the Queen would rather have her celebration be a low-key affair:

The Queen has said she doesn't want to be overburdened in the year of her jubilee. Having a Royal Wedding is the perfect compromise for keeping the limelight on the Royal Family but taking the pressure off the Monarch. Whether William and Kate get married in 2012 or the year before, it will be the Queen who will throw them the most wonderful party and the line of thinking at the moment is that 2012 could be the perfect date. [Source: The Daily Mail]

In addition, it has been reported that "Her Majesty wants Prince Charles and Camilla and Princes William and Harry to take over many of the duties to mark her 60 years on the throne in 2012." That means that Prince William best start acting like a grown-up, and that means settling down.

"Nothing is set in stone," continues the royal insider, "but 2012 is the date that is now being talked about."

What do you think? 2012 does sound like a good time to get married, better to have finished that life stage before consumed by an earth-wide cataclysm, right?

Scoop via Celebitchy. Photo via Fame Pictures.