Drew Barrymore Chucks Justin Long From Home

Drew Barrymore Chucks Justin Long From Home

But the two are still together and in love, source says.

We love Drew Barrymore, but you have to admit that the woman has some odd taste in men. Not surprisingly, her latest foray into romance with Mac spokesman and actor Justin Long may have hit another speed bump, which is sad, because the couple look so darn cute together. Could You Live and Work Together?

Celebitchy reports on a Star magazine article that claims Barrymore has booted Long from her Hollywood home:

It's back to the bachelor pad for Justin Long! The "I'm a Mac" guy was booted from girlfriend Drew Barrymore's four-bedroom Hollywood Hills home in early November, Star has learned.

And though the two are still dating for now, their relationship could be in danger if he doesn't clean up. "Drew really had it with being Justin's babysitter at home," says a source. "And it's not just that he made a mess, it's his attitude. He gets mopey and is a big-time couch potato. She isn't thrilled about seeing this side of him."

Problems surfaced almost as soon as the pair—who first sparked in summer 2007—split a year later and reconnected last spring—began living together in August. "Drew hadn't figured Justin to be a slob, but he started acting like a frat boy and left his stuff all over the place and never straightened up after himself," says the source. "It drove her nuts!" Managing Differences: My Spouse is a Slob

Drew, 34, finally had enough of the chaotic living situation. But she wasn't quite ready to call it quits entirely. "She gently told Justin that things would be better between them if he moved back to his own place," says the source. "Then it would be special when they're together—they wouldn't feel like an old married couple."

The good news? Justin, 31, is trying to change his ways. "It was really the wake up call he needed," says the source. "He knows Drew's a great girl. He's going to do everything he can to make her happy.

Gee, you'd think that by age 31, a guy would know how to pick up his own socks, but whatever. Hopefully the guy can get it together and wash a dish every once in a while. Kudos to Barrymore, though, for handling the situation with a level head and saving what could be a lasting relationship. His Take: Confronting A Man About His Faults

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