Jesus Taking Madonna Home To Meet His Parents

Jesus Luz and Madonna

Madonna flies to Brazil to meet her boyfriend's parents—could a wedding be in the cards?

Although Madonna recently told David Letterman that she'd rather "get run over by a train" than go for huband #3, reports that the Queen of Pop will soon be meeting her boyfriend's parents have fueled speculation that she might be ready to settle down again.

According to The Sun, sources close to Madge say that she's "slightly on edge" about meeting Jesus Luz's mom and dad, especially since his mother, Cristiane Regina da Silva, is 15 years her junior! Of course, she could also be a bit nervous as to what her could-be in-laws will have to say about their son abandoning his Christian upbringing to convert to Kabbalah. You, Me And God: Interfaith Relationships

Evidently, the Material Girl's Late Show lip slip made Jesus nervous about the pair's chances for marriage, but Madonna's biographer claims that she has already told family and friends that an engagement is "on the table." The Sun's sources say that Madonna's trip to Jesus's family home in Brazil is meant to alleviate his fears that he is just another boy toy. The "family friend" explains,

[Jesus] wants to marry and be taken seriously. [Madonna] doesn't want to lose Jesus and so the visit to his parents is her way of saying she will make this relationship permanent. He wants proof of commitment and he wants her to make an honest man of him.

Hopefully Madonna plans to do right by her man; otherwise, she might want to throw him back into the singles pool. We could always use another outrageously attractive man who craves committment. Dudes Not Really Afraid Of Commitment