Hailey Glassman's Had Enough Of Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin's Thanksgiving Plans

Prepare for Jon Gosselin to be kicked to the curb.

In a recent US Weekly magazine interview, Jon Gosselin's girlfriend Hailey Glassman—who is now describing herself as semi-single—shows signs that she is tiring of the relationship altogether, even as she confirms Jon will be spending Thanksgiving with her family, not his own.

Not that she is taking Gosselin away from his eight kids on the holiday. Apparently, he was never invited.

My family and I would never let him eat Thanksgiving dinner alone in an apartment. He's coming to our house for Thanksgiving. I don't care.

Gosselin confirms that dinner with the Glassmans was that plan all along:

I still planned on going to her house on Thanksgiving; that was on my schedule.

And with that, Hailey snaps:

On your schedule? What do you mean, "On my schedule?" Let's see, Kate has the kids, and she's having a nice huge meal with Steve and his family. Uh, let's see, should I go to Hailey's or should I sit in my apartment all alone?

Um, overreaction much? But, we've all been there. She's over it and boiling over. Gosselin tried to back peddle:

Sorry, I used the wrong term. I plan on going—I made a promise to her family I would go to her house.

Lame, and thankfully, no dice. Hailey's retort:

Made a promise? You're not doing my family any favors! We know what the right thing to do is. We know what we both need," she continues. "He needs to do his thing and I need to do my thing. We both know this."

Um, dude? Better find alternate plans for December.