Will Britney Spears Soon Be Engaged?


Will Britney Spears Marry Jason Trawick?

Britney Spears has been married twice, and her mother has someone in mind for husband numero tres. The headline on this week's Us Weekly magazine's blares: HOW LOVE SAVED BRITNEY, and shows her walking with her agent Jason Trawick. The accompanying story says that Lynn Spears thinks Trawick is "The One." How To Know If He's "The One"

"Lynne said, 'He's the kind of man you would dream of your daughter marrying. The kids love him, and he's stable.'" a friend tells Us Weekly.

Wow, Britney is dating an actual stand-up guy! After her disasterous relationship with sneaky paparazzo Adnon Ghalib, and the Kevin Federline debacle, Brit-Brit deserves a good man. And what praise from Mom! It doesn't get better than that.

Trawick is ten years older than Britney (he's 37, she's 27), and, according to Us, he "stood by Spears during her darkest days (she was involuntarily commited twice to a psychiatric hospital in 2008 and lost custody of sons Sean, 4 and Jayden, 3, the year before)."

And it sounds like they have a great relationship. Us' source says that the Circus singer is more honest with him than she's been with any other man, and "'he always preferred no to sugarcoat the harsh reality of what happened to her, says a pal. 'He tells her when she should take responsibility for her own actions.'"

We with Britney the best with Jason Trawick, and will be listening for wedding bells!