Jennifer Aniston Drunk Dials Brad, Gets Angie


Angelina Jolie answers Brad Pitt's cell and gets an earful of Jen's boozy babbling

It sounds like a Ross and Rachel storyline plucked straight from Friends: Jennifer Aniston, after seemingly moving on with her life, has a little too much wine one evening and starts replaying misty watercolor memories of the way it was (with ex-husband Brad Pitt). With liquid courage coursing through her veins, she picks up the phone and calls Brad's cell, hoping to chat about the good old days. But who should answer? None other than Brad's new love and Jen's nemesis, Angelina JolieAniston vs. Jolie: Just Hug It Out

An insider (who must have been inside the phone) tells The National Enquirer that the ladies' exchange went a little something like this,

When Jen heard Angie’s voice, she freaked out. Jen basically told Angie that she hated her, but Angelina fired back and warned Jen to stop calling Brad and harassing her. Angie screamed, 'Leave my family alone!'


Ah, the drunk dial. It's a relationship classic. We've all been there. You know, sometimes it feels like the beautiful people are above making the same silly mistakes we mere mortals do, and then we hear a story like this. And we smile. And we open our arms and welcome Jen into the fold. She is our sister now.

Although it might make us feel good to know someone as fab as Jennifer Aniston is just as messed up as the rest of us, the chances that this tale is true are slimmer than Keira Knightley. You did catch the part where we said it came from The National Enquirer, right? We're not saying the drunk dial didn't happen, we're just not completely buying that it did. But we don't feel at all guilty for kind of hoping that it did! 5 Unforgettable Hollywood Love Triangles