Baby Boom For Bill Hader, Heidi Klum

Bill Hader; Seal & Heidi Klum

SNL star Hader and wife have first child; Supermodel Klum and husband Seal welcome their fourth

Two celeb couples were blessed with bouncing baby girls last week.

First to be visited by the stork were funnyman Bill Hader and writer wife Maggie Carey, who welcomed their first child, Hannah Kathryn.

Back in August, the expectant dad told OK! that he was looking forward to the fun parts of fatherhood: "Getting to take 'em to movies and stuff, and teach 'em voices and make 'em just like me. I want a little version of me running around."

Well, we could certainly use more hilarious people in this world, so little Hannah could very well grow up to be the next Amy Poehler. But, Bill better be careful when it comes to teaching his best gal his best impressions, especially his dead-on Al Pacino. The joke will be on him when he's awakened every night by Hannah's constant "hoo-ahs," or cries for the night light. "Daddy! I’m in the dark, here!!"

On Friday, Victoria's Secret legend and Project Runway host Heidi Klum gave birth to her fourth child, daughter Lou Sulola Samuel. The boyishly-named child is the first girl for Heidi and her musician husband, Seal, who have two sons, Henry, 4, and Johan, 3. Heidi's other daughter, Leni, 5, though adopted by Seal, was fathered by Heidi's ex-boyfriend, Flavio Briatore.

Gushing dad Seal proclaimed, "[Lou] is beautiful beyond words and we are happy that she chose us to watch her grow over the coming years."

New mom Heidi plans to shed not only the baby weight, but also something she's been carrying around for much longer - her last name! She recently filed a petition to legally take Seal's last name, Samuel. Perhaps she's making the change to avoid confusing her kids, but what about Project Runway fans? We think most folks will have a hard time losing the "Klum," especially since "Heidi Samuel" sounds like the girl-next-door, not a sexy supermodel!