Now Jimmy Kimmel Is In An Office Romance?

jimmy kimmel and kelly ripa

The late-night host may be emulating David Letterman in another way.

It looks like ABC's late night host may be emulating legend and major influence David Letterman. At least that's what "they" would like you to think. Per People, Jimmy Kimmel has taken up with a member of his staff (romantically, that is).

Reportedly the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jimmy Kimmel, is dating the co-head writer of the late-evening talk show. Molly McNearney is the lady's name and rumor has it that the two keep it strictly "show business" on the set and save the "show friends" and "show lovers" for after, and likely before, hours. A pretty good office romance policy.

In addition to having an alliterative name and a last name that seems made-up, Molly McNearney has a pretty cool story. She started with the Kimmel show back in 2003 as an assistant to the executive producer. And while Jimmy was getting hot and heavy with the broad-shouldered queen of inappropriate Sarah Silverman, Molly McNearney was charging through the ranks. She did her time as an assistant and move on up to writer and ultimately co-head writer. Read: Sarah & Jimmy No Mas

Unlike co-manager of a regional branch of a paper supply company, co-head writer isn't a situation destined to fail as a number of shows have them from time to time. You just don't want to be the second person to get the title, like when your ex-girlfriend is named chief resident and then shares the title co-chief resident with you after Dr. Cox gets sick of your carping. Read: Using Scrubs To Interpret The Kidney Divorce

We're not terribly familiar with Jimmy Kimmel's first wife Gina Kimmel, but we're guessing that she had a pretty ticklish funny bone. If not, that could explain why he followed his divorce with a comedy writer and one of the topic female comics in the ha-ha game. Read: Is It Better For A Man To Be Funny Or Rich?

We still have a hard time believing Jimmy Kimmel is forty (41), like Brett Favre, he seems like a kid out there...

Photos via Bauer-Griffin