Best of YourTango: Flirting, Friends & Exes

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As the leaves drop, we are reminded that there is a season for everything under the sun. So, too, is there for love at YourTango. This week we gave you something for every stage of the relationship: flirting tips, how to not ditch your friends when you're head over heels, meditations on gender differences for that in-between period, and finally, weddings, invitations, and exes (oh my).

Video: In Love? Don't Forget Your Friends

You're in love, and forgetting the little people (your friends) is as normal as it is perverse. In this video, YourTango's skating couple tell us three steps to maintaing your friendships while in the throes of erstwhile love. The Scourge That Is Couples Skating

LoveBuzz: Are Women Still Looking For Prince Charming?

Bonnie Fuller wrote that Dave Letterman’s inner office, screw-happy shenanigans won't likely lose him any female viewers because women have a Prince Charming complex.We'd like to think Letterman won't lose viewers because we've all become jaded about cringe-inducing sex and the entertainment industry, not because we cling to an out-dated notion of fairy-tale romance. But the question remains: Are women still looking for Prince Charming?

Tomfoolery: 3 Things Men Don't Like (But Women Seem To Love)

Stop me if you've heard this one, men seem to be from one planet while women are from another planet altogether. While making sweeping gender generalizations borders on insulting, there are some Martian and Venusian tendencies that set us apart. And those three things are shopping, flowers and talking on the phone.

Community Blog: Should You Invite Your Ex To Your Wedding

It's one of the most perplexing questions of modern wedding etiquette. Can you or should you invite your ex to your wedding? Look, there are all sorts of brides and grooms, and all sorts of relationships, so there's no right answer here. To decide, ask yourself these three questions...

Story: 5 Emergency Flirting Tips

Have you ever found yourself in a room with a handsome stranger but just couldn't muster the courage to say hello? Did you then spend hours thinking about what you wish you had said? To prevent this from happening again, we offer you our five emergency flirting tips so next time you're prepared!