Is Jennifer Aniston Expecting?

Jennifer Aniston pregnant
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Jennifer Aniston pregnant, according to some sources.

The Jennifer Aniston romance rumor mill never ceases to amaze us.

OK Magazine has just issued a report that Jennifer Aniston is expecting a baby. Her relationship with Gerard Butler has kept us guessing all summer (and that's how she wants it, by the way), but now photos have emerged of what Hollywood has officially and affectionately termed a "baby bump" (which is gestating into a cliche that is wearing on our nerves).

The 40-year-old actress has voiced time and again that she wants to be a mom. The desire grew especially vocal after she and Brad Pitt split up in 2005, when critics speculated that he wanted to have babies, but she didn't. In Vanity Fair that summer she said that she's always wanted to have children and that for her, kids come before career.

So is it finally her time? Don't buy into the hype just yet. In 2006 Jen was shown on the cover of a tabloid holding her stomach, and in 2008 another publication said she was undergoing fertility treatments, had stopped drinking and had made a surprise call to share her baby-to-be news with Brad. As we all know, those rumors never came to fruition.

However we can believe that motherhood is still on her radar. Today LimeLife is reporting that the pregnancy is not official, but that Jen has stated being "on the verge" of being a mom "in some way." "I want to have children," Jennifer's quoted saying. "That's my plan."

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.