Shania Twain To Marry? Tyra Too?

shania twain

Is Shania to marry her ex's mistress's ex? Is Tyra going to marry John Utendahl?

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. Sometimes you meet a cat named Mutt Lange (with the face to match) and you fall for that music-producing son of a gun. And sometimes, even though you are a gorgeous and talented star of country music, a guy named Mutt Lange will cheat on you with a member of the staff who is not that hot. But, if you're Shania Twain, you always get the last laugh. ("Man, I feel like a woman!") According to Celebamour, Shania Twain and her ex-husband's mistress's cuckold may be set to call it even. Read: Shania Twain In Love Quadrangle?

For those of you keeping score at home (and why wouldn't you be?), Shania Twain (zero relation to Samuel Clements) had a cheating husband. Not a rarity for a country singer, to get cheated and mistreated. The "other woman," Anne-Marie Thiébaud, was a bit of a Gal Friday for the family. Also not a rarity if the shenanigans on Mad Men are to be believed. But things get incredibly strange when a fellow called Frédéric Thiébaud got involved. He's the ex-husband of Marie-Anne Thiébaud and there's no pop culture reference point to compare how weird his involvement is. You'd have to guess that whatever Marie-Anne, Mutt, Shania and Frédéric look for in a spouse hasn't really changed much. Or maybe there's a certain schadenfreude in a revenge marriage. To our knowledge, no one has ever successfully pulled off the old spouse switcheroo, we're watching eagerly.

While we're talkin' possible marriages, according to The Hollywood Gossip, Ms. Tyra Banks is likely engaged to John Utendahl. Who? Exactly. Supposedly, John Utendahl is just your garden-variety rich businessman who happened to catch the fancy of supermodel Oprah. Though he's far less famous than Tyra's old boyfriend, former NBA star Chris Webber, you'd think that a good businessman would be able to keep better track of the number of timeouts his team has.

If these engagement rumors are accurate (old girl has a dynamite diamond on her "put a ring on it" finger), it marks a big few days for the daytime hostess. She earned a Daytime Emmy for her work on The Tyra Banks Show (per the Wall Street Journal's pop culture blog). And, new to this season, she's going to start operating sans extensions. The Charlotte Observer says she will be working with what God gave her rather than her "slave hair." We have no idea what that means but it's been a heck of a week for Tyra Banks.

Who had the better week, Tyra or Shania?

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