How To Pick Up Men On Public Transportation

how to flirt enroute

Your daily commute can be the greatest source of frustration if you let traffic delays, crowded subways and messy sidewalks bring you down. Sure public transportation can be a pain but who's to say the man of your dreams isn't a bus stop away? Why not put your MetroCard to better use and learn how to flirt en route?

Subway cars may not be the most romantic places to strike up a conversation but the potential for finding love while using public transportation is loaded with possibilities. "Choose your seat wisely," writes Maggie Glendon for Marie Claire. "But don't feel too self-conscious about making a strategic seat-change either." It's easier to strike up a conversation if you're within ear shot as opposed to across the platform. Ask your commuting cutie for a few extra inches of room and then happen to mention that your Friday night is freed up as well. If straightforward isn't your method of choice, comment on the book he's reading or beg to borrow a section of his newspaper. As long as it's not the sports section you're after, a smile and a thank you will go a long way.

If you're not lucky enough to snag a seat, sharing a subway pole can be just as promising. The only other place you're likely to get this close to a cute stranger is in a crowded bar.

Speaking of bars, many commuter lines like Metro North and Amtrak have a bar car which, if you can balance a glass of Chardonnay on your laptop, is as good a place as any to toast a perfect stranger. Instead of burying yourself in an expense report or magazine, take advantage of your downtime by flirting with fellow bar car rider. After all, chances are you may never see this person again. What do you have to lose besides your balance? 

Airports are their own entity entirely. If you're a frequent flyer, you know just how difficult it can be to get from point A to B. Weather delays and late arrivals often translate into hours spent idle on the runway or waiting area. What better place than to meet Mr. Right?

Again, strategizing a good seat is key but so is picking the right line in security or lingering by the Cinnabon a little too long. Make light out of your inability to follow lighted placards by asking a handsome stranger for directions. There's no harm in hanging out by the international terminal either, should your airport crush happen to have a second home in the tropics.

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If an office romance isn’t your speed, at least take advantage of the time you spend getting to and from work every day. An hour here and there amounts to endless opportunities to test out various flirting techniques and give your love life a promotion.