Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Engaged

hayden christensen and rachel bilson

The Jumper costars are said to have entered into an engagement.

According to Contact Music there may be wedding bells in the future for Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen. How lame is that? Might not there be wedding bells in the future for roughly any two living people? At any rate, fairly reliable sources say the lovers are betrothed and ready to make the Jump(er) to being officially official.

Evidently, Rachel Bilson was spotted wearing a diamond ring at JFK (New York's better international aeropuerto) a few days ago and replied that she was engaged when queried about her marital status.

The pair costarred (as love interests) in the super-powered Diane Lane vehicle Jumper. There's nothing like being chased on screen (and probably around the set) by a crazed and white-haired Samuel L. Jackson. We've been lead to believe that Paladins kill Jumpers (and anyone else who gets in their way) but we're pretty sure that Samuel L. Jackson still holds a grudge from Hayden Christensen's betrayal at the end of the second act of Star Wars Episode III (spoiler alert: Anakin Skywalker turns his back on the Jedi and becomes Darth Vader).

Despite Jumper's best two qualities being a few sweet panoramic vistas and it’s reasonable run time (83 minutes), the time together clearly made an impact on Bilson and Christensen, something that cinematic masterpieces of The Last Kiss and Star Wars Episodes II and III were not able to produce. Indeedily-do, the pair had such a good time that the reteamed (besides in life) in the film New York, I Love You. Thought to be totally fair, just about every other Hollywood actor is in the film and they may have totally not intended to both sign on (note: it’s a series of 12 short films which are only similar in their love for New York and, well, love).

We suppose this really closes the door on The OC era. Somehow knowing that Rachel Bilson (or her character Summer) will never wind up with Adam Brody (Seth) is a lot more real to us than the show getting canceled or Gossip Girl and the new 90210 taking it's place as unrealistic team dramas largely watched by adults… "California here we come. Right back where we started from. California!"

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