Morning News Feed: Tues, Nov 25

Morning News Feed: Tues, Nov 25

TV and early sex, your "O" face, and scary movies.

Only two days away from Turkey day, folks. So here is the latest in love and relationships for today. Enjoy!

Britney Spears has finally made a comeback. With her smashing new hit "Womanizer", the pop princess also made the cover of The Hot Issue of Rolling Stone. The Frisky gives a sneak peek of Brit on the cover and she is looking awesome! Check it out.

I'm sure we've all been there...after working all day or taking care of the kids and house, the thought of having sex with your partner/spouse can seem utterly exhausting. MSNBC reports that sex for men is a stress reliever, whereas sex for women requires stress relief. Women often feel underappreciated by their partners and don't want to put in the energy for sex. In order to get back in the mood, Dr. Maureen Whelihan suggests that men take over women's household responsibilities two days out of the wee. Sounds good to us!

Date Machine is talking all about having sex at weddings. Is it a good idea to be having one-night stands with strangers at your best friend's wedding?

Should the cost of birth control be shared equally? Reporter News is receiving mixed responses to this controversial topic. However, a lot of readers feel that it is the man's responsibility to pay for the pill just as much as it is the woman's.

When experiencing the big O (orgasm, duh!), the pleasure factor is written all over your face. Dear Sugar says that everyone has an orgasm face, but wonders if readers like the look their partner has when experiencing the miracle that is, indeed, the orgasm.

Over at Marie Claire, Sex and the Single Guy points out 9 attractive qualities women look for in a guy. There are a few obvious ones (trustworthy, sense of humor, kindness), but here are a couple that may come as a surprise. The convenience factor: women are hooked if a guy lives near them or if a guy is ready and willing to have kids. This seems to be a disguise for settling. Also, women like a guy who is talented and passionate. If he's a phenomenal guitar player or an excellent athlete like Tom Brady, women will definitely swoon.

It has been said that watching a lot of TV can lead to having sex at an early age. However, is reporting that it is the combination of TV, low self-esteem, poor relationship with parents and low academic achievement that is leading young adults to intercourse.

Listen up, fellas. Do you want to know what women really want from men? The Frisky says that women want their guys to watch them put on a fashion show when they come home with new purchases from the mall. Oh yeah, and don't forget to congratulate them on their awesome bargain shopping! Also, women love it when you ask for directions and dress well. Just a few tips!

If you're looking for some good scary movies to watch with your new boyfriend/hookup buddy, Smitten has listed the three best scary movies for dates. Rosemary's Baby, When A Stranger Calls Back and No Country For Old Men are their top three picks.

WowoWow has an 11-day plan for getting your body back in shape for sex. The site explains that if you're postmenopausal, you should have your doc prescribe a hormone cream. It's also key to drink lots of fluids, specifically water and cranberry juice to rehydrate and lubricate your entire system. And after having vigorous sex for the first time (again), makes sure to urinate immediately afterward and drink 16 oz of H2O. Follow these steps, and you should be well on your way!