Morning News Feed: Thurs, Nov 20th

Morning News Feed: Thurs, Nov 20th

Check him for cancer, and tattoos and mustaches on guys.

After getting a good look at Brad Pitt on Oprah Winfrey, ladies can't stop talking about his new accessory: the mustache. Smitten would like to know if the mustache is a do or a don't.

Did you know that testicular cancer is the most common cancer in males between ages 15-40? DearSugar reports how to check your guy for testy cancer. "Take both hands and gently cup his testicles (check both carefully). Keep in mind that testicles are usually smooth, oval-shaped, somewhat firm, and one testicle may be larger than the other. As you gently roll his business between your thumb and forefingers, feel for lumps, swelling, or hardness."

The holidays are quickly approaching and if you're about to meet his parents for the first time, The Frisky says to go prepared. Before shaking their hands, it is recommended that you ask your guy what his parents are actually like. Churchgoers? Ex-hippies? Military type?

One of the Daily Bedpost's interns attended a sex party at Wesleyan University. The name of the event? "Get F***ed". 700 students attended, dressed in g-strings, sexy bras, and jockstraps. Kissing booths were set up and porn videos played in the background. Sounds like a real shag-fest.

Glamour wants to know if you like tattoos on your guy. Although the feedback is mixed, many women believe that only artists, punk-rockers, and other musicians can pull them off. 

Marie Claire's Sex and the Single Guy believes that men will be ready to settle down into a healthy, serious relationship when they are: working and care about that work, making ends meet, and over one-night stands.

Have you ever been stomped on by a woman and thoroughly enjoyed it? Well, Exploring Intimacy claims that this is actually a fetish. Twisted Tuesday interviewed the man known as "Floorman" who has this trampling fetish. He describes it as, "what began as strictly a foot fetish, became a trample fetish. Trampling is simply what it sounds like. Stepping, stomping, kicking, and jumping on one's body."

Guess what! Older people are less likely to use condoms than teenagers are when having sex with someone for the first time. The Post Chronicle reports that only 38% of men and 29% of women aged 35-44 used condoms when having intercourse with a new partner.

Good news for supporters of gay marriage. Per The Frisky, the California Supreme Court has agreed to hear the legal challenges to the recently passed Proposition 8. 

YourTango's own Genevieve Lill recently lovebuzzed about affordable first dates. So besides roller skating and bowling, Marie Claire also suggests fruitpicking at a local farm, renting bikes to go on a nice ride, and playing a fun game of Twister.