Are Tom and Katie Gettin' Busy Again?

Are Tom and Katie Gettin' Busy Again?

Connor wants a baby brother.

Just what we need...another adorable Cruise kid strolling the streets of Manhattan and making us foam at the mouth at how cute he/she is. Okay, foaming might not actually occur, but still, you get my point. According to OK! Magazine, a Tommy Junior could be on the way! Although the bun isn't in the oven yet, rumors are spreading that Tom's adopted son Connor really wants a bro of his own. Aw, now isn't that just presh?

Connor told Kidman (Tom's ex) that he's still hoping for a brother. Now, since we all know that Kidman is starting to actually get a few wrinkles on her face and miraculously gave birth to Sunday Rose at the late age of 41, she's not the most reliable/realistic woman to add to the Cruise/Kidman clan. Katie, on the other hand, is still in her prime, and we think Kidman knows it. She reportedly told Glamour, "He wants that boy. Katie?"

It's nice to see that Kidman and the Cruises don't have any beef. They apparently get along quite well...I mean we've all heard about Katie's overly-generous gift basket she sent to Kidman congratulating her on the baby. 

The best part about the story? TomKat wants to have another child! Sources from OK! say, “There may be no better time than now for Katie to get pregnant again and absolutely nothing would make Tom happier."

Hmm, a mini-Tom running around preaching about Scientology and jumping off Oprah's couch? Sounds awesome to me!

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