Ivanka Trump To Convert To Judaism

Ivanka Trump To Convert To Judaism

Donald Trump's daughter to join Kate Capshaw in converting for love.

Ivanka Trump is free to worship as she sees fit. And being a Trump, she's chosen one of the oldest and most exclusive religions. Though we'd suspect that whichever demons that The Donald has made pacts with in the past cannot be thrilled about Ivanka entering into a covenant with Yahweh.

According to the New York Post's Page Six (yeah, who else?), the heiress and real estate/ casino show-piece will be marrying Jared Kushner and have selected a Rabbi to whip the gentile out of Ivanka Trump. You may remember Rabbi Haskel Lookstein as the dude that convinced 1,000 New York Times readers to bail on their subscriptions for it's coverage of Israel and the Middle East. Let's not be so hard on the guy, we tried to cancel our subscription to HBO when they decided to cancel Deadwood and its replacement John From Cincinnati (for the record, we think JC means something), the operator laughed at us until we hung up the phone.

You may know Trump fiancé Jared Kushner as the 27-year old son of real estate dude Charles Kushner but he's also the owner of the New York Observer. Which is at least in the top 10 in terms of daily circulation of New York newspapers. It was also the home of Candace Bushnell's column, which later became the basis for a television show and that show is called Lipstick Jungle.

Good effort, Ivanka Trump on the conversion for love. We'd be a little shy to take a Baptism for someone and she's going all out and accepting an Immersion and the general primacy of Halakah. She is going to have one heck of a bat mitzvah. We hope she gets the Beastie Boys and Andy Samberg to perform. We just can't wait to see what kind of crazy yamika Donald Trump is going to have. Our knowledge of Talmudic law and practice are a little fuzzy, are she and Kush allowed to fool around between the conversion and a bat mitzvah? Is she considered an 11-year old until she does?

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