Denise Richards Explains Complications

Denise Richards Explains Complications

Larry King grills Denise Richards about It's Complicated.

As you may know, Denise Richards has hit the publicity circuit to promote her new 'reality' series, Denise Richards: It's Complicated. First stop: Larry King Live. Her segment starts with a good-to-see you and then Larry gets into the questions. For the sake of brevity, we've only included the part about her show. Check out the vid, then we'll discuss.

Larry (never one to mince words) asks if she feels any blame for the divorce. She admits some mistakes (not dressing up as a cheerleader?) and finishes up with the trite "it is what it is." To which Larry King replies, "I know Charlie." Dude, you don't have to name-drop, everyone likes you. The "interrogation" continues and moves to child exploitation. And Denise deftly covers with something to the effect of, 'What about child actors? Aren't they exposed? I mean some director takes a beautiful girl that some people think looks like Kathy Ireland, gets her a little drunk and tells her to make out with Neve Campbell and Matt Dillon. Was she exploited?' She goes on to talk about how real the show is but later mentions that she has something close to final cut privileges as an executive producer. Ah, real. Larry keeps the softballs coming by asking if she'll ever get together with another famous guy. She's not ruling it out but she happens to go on a regular guy on the May 26th premier of her show. Judging by some of the show's clips, he better have a "big dick." Come on, she's a single mom she's got no time for foreplay. Now we know more about Charlie Sheen and Richie Sambora. Enjoy the intense interview. Seacrest is going to be awesome when he gets this show.

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