Take A Totally Fun Love Quiz

Take A Totally Fun Love Quiz

Ready to tune out Spitzergate and take a lighthearted love test?

It's been a depressing week in relationship news. Not that one philandering neanderthal is enough to dampen our optimistic hearts, but it has made for some heavy-hearted coverage. Consider: Why Men Buy Sex, My Boyfriend Cheated On Me With Hookers, and whether women feeling lackluster about giving blowjobs could really be to blame?

Maybe that's why we were all ready for a love-related time out. I found it in the form of an email from my Australian friend, Georgia, begging me to take the What's Your Dating Persona? quiz on okcupid.com. The quiz, which, mind you, is rather lengthy, sorts boys and girls into one of 32 separate-but-equal dating flavors.

I, a "random, gentle love master" (ooookay) was a Peach.
Prone to sarcasm, Nicole and Genevieve were both Wild Roses.

We're all dying to meet anyone who's a "deliberate, brutal sex master"—aka Stiletto.

Why not take a break and discover your inner dater?


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