Study: Men More Likely To Be Video Game Addicts

Study: Men More Likely To Be Video Game Addicts

MRIs reveal more activity in the area associated with addiction.

According to a study done by Stanford University, men are more likely to get addicted to video games than women. The study used MRIs of men and women playing a specially designed video game. The scans showed that the mesocorticolimbic center (the area most associated with addiction) was more active in men playing video games than women. The purpose of the study was initially to establish that men are more territorial which they feel the study did.

This is somewhat contrary to the data and marketing strategy of the video game industry. The widely accepted percentage of video game purchases by men is 56%. And the industry is pushing more female-friendly products and games. Some industry experts are a little wary of the results of this study.

We’re not sure what the big deal is. Does the video gaming industry want people addicted to games? Of course they do, but they’re not supposed to say this aloud. Did we mention that there were only 11 men and 11 women in this study? Well there was. Is this enough to get an accurate representation? Is this going to cause fewer women from buying next year’s version of Madden? Is this going to make dudes go to therapy for spending 10 hours a day playing Guitar Hero? Are we going to start having PSAs about Playstation addiction? “I learned it from watching you, dad. I learned it from watching you.” How about men and women playing Nintendo together? Novel, right? That reminds us, we should probably pick up Heroin Hero on the way home from work.

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