Ryan Gosling Thinks Rachel McAdams Is Awesome, Too

From People

By Jed Dreben and Stephen M. Silverman

First Rachel McAdams told Elle that her boyfriend influenced her film choices – and now Ryan Gosling has returned the compliment.

"She's kind. She doesn't need any help from me. She's inspired me to do so much as well," Gosling, 26, said Sunday when asked about McAdams's comments at a junket for his new thriller Fracture.

McAdams, 30, told the magazine's April issue that her beau – and costar in 2004's The Notebook – "never does the same thing twice. He's very brave."

YourTango’s Take
Check out our previously dish about this couple.  Evidently, Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling thinks Rachel McAdams is as sweet, wonderful and adorable as the rest of us do. While this hardly qualifies as either “hard-hitting” or “salaciously newsworthy”, it’s nice to hear nice things from nice people about nice people. Let’s hope that this mutual cloying doesn’t escalate, reporting that McAdams is comparing Gosling to Gandhi would be off-putting. And we refuse to report Gosling’s claim that McAdams’ smiles can cure jaundice.

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