Gender Selection Technique Available In Brunei

Gender Selection Technique Available In Brunei

 From The Brunei Times By Debbie Too

A FIRM that offers help to couples to conceive a baby with their preferred gender has received positive response from Bruneians, with 50 couples having availed themselves of this unique service.

ChoiceBaby Enterprise has been helping 50 couples in Brunei, said Vivien Kuan, an agent at the consultation firm which established presence in the sultanate in May 2005.

Ten of the couples have successfully achieved the baby gender of their choice, while the rest are awaiting the results.

"There are many families in Brunei with either an all-girl or all-boy brood," she said. "Some parents no longer wish to keep trying over and over without an assurance that the next child they conceive will be of the gender that they prefer."

Tango’s Take When we read the headline of this article alarm bells went off like crazy. Doctors in some developing countries are not allowed to tell prospective parents about the gender of their impending child because of the chance of terminating girls. But this is actually pretty nifty science, if it’s true. Is there anything unethical about using these indicators to try for a specific gender? Would it be unethical if their was a spermicide that killed X chromosome swimmers? Think of what Henry VIII could have done with this knowledge? Would America have been colonized as fervently if Henry didn’t start the Church of England? Would we totally be missing out on the Jonathan Rhys Meyers’s The Tudors?