Rumor Mill: David Beckham & Robbie Williams Play A Gay Couple

By Owen Williams

It has been reported that British singer Robbie Williams and LA Galaxy soccer star David Beckham are going to star in hit TV show ‘Desperate Housewives’ as a gay couple. Beckham and Williams, who are both living in Los Angeles, are show creator Marc Cherry’s top choices to play the best friends of another gay couple - who are the latest characters to move into Wisteria Lane. Cherry says, “David and Robbie are perfect to star as the new neighbors’ best friends; the gorgeous, eccentric couple flown over from Britain.

Tango’s Take We were highly dubious of this, particularly when we read that Tom Cruise was the first choice ahead of Robbie Williams. But we also saw this story reported on Access Hollywood’s website and they’re seldom involved with anything sensational. So Becks and Robbie Williams will be ‘playing’ gay, Englishy neighbors of the gals on Wisteria Lane. Who knew that David would be making his American primetime debut as an effeminate Englishman and would play one on a television show (thank you, thank you)? Isn’t he fairly busy playing pro soccer? Isn’t Robbie Williams busy with an album or drumming up publicity by making ridiculous comments to interviewers? Are we mere months away from TV Guide headlines like ‘Brokeback Lane’ with their mugs pasted below? In other anglophile news, it looks like Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham) will also be appearing in a primetime situation comedy. She’ll make a cameo on Ugly Betty in the fall. No word on whether she’s playing herself, a transvestite hooker, or someone else entirely. Add the Mel B hullabaloo, Baby Spice’s pregnancy, and Ginger Spice getting a banging new body and you would think that the Spice Girls have this whole ‘PR’/ 'guerrilla marketing' thing under control. No word on when Sporty Spice will be boxing Muhammad Ali’s daughter. But it can’t be far away. Read More Of The Original Article…

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