12 Brutal Truths About Having Sex With An Aries (As Written By One)

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Sex With An Aries
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We'll ram our way right into your bed.

Ruled by the God of War and prideful of their spot as the first of all of the fire signs (that's #1, thank you very much), Aries men and women are known for their hot tempers, bold gestures and their uncomplicated and carefree approach to getting down and dirty.

Aries are sincere, honest and a hell of a lot of fun, but watch out — they're also beat-you-over-the-head blunt and in it as much (if not more) for the chase as they are your heart. Hugh Hefner, Steve McQueen, Gloria Swanson, Lara Flynn Boyle and Warren Beatty...all rams, need I say more?  Don't get me wrong, it's not that they can't commit, it's that they won't until they know you're really different from the 5-7 crushes they have at any given moment. Bottom Line: tread lightly until you know that you're more than a notch. OR just ask them.  This sign is not big on secrets, so they will straight out tell you you're not the only one (hence, Hef).

These are 12 brutal truths about having sex with an Aries. Hope you can handle it.

1. They like sex ... a lot.

There are some signs who are all about warm blankets and sweet caresses; Aries is not one of them. For Aries, sex is a playful, fun (and free!) thing to do, and in a relationship, frequent sex is a non-negotiable for both genders.

Why wouldn't it be? It's a mixture of everything they love — action, intensity, fire and conquering, and hell, they get a prize at the end. Win-win-win!

2. Scheduled sex is a huge turn-off.

Aries men and women are impulsive, impatient and spontaneous in all areas of their lives, including the bedroom (or the kitchen, the balcony or hotel bathroom). They want it when they want it, which, again, is now and often.

They do not like to wait for anything, specifically naked you. So, when your Aries partner is raring to go, telling them you have a headache isn't cute, nor will their reaction to being told "no" when they have put themselves out there.

3. They're a little aggressive.

What, you don't see fighting as foreplay?


4. They LOVE the chase.

While Leos adore being adored, doting puppy dog-eyed lovers will bore an Aries to tears. Rams enjoy a sincere compliment, but they can only be seduced by those who let them do the hunting; these folks need to "catch" their mates.

Tease them, taunt them, and make them work for "it"." Then, sit back and enjoy letting them "conquer" you.  Now, this doesn't mean an Aries female doesn't want to be courted, she does, but fawning over her will turn her off--fast.  She will see it as insincere flattery, which no ram appreciates.  Don't be pain-in-the-ass-hard-to-get, but don't act like you're competing for a rose either.  

5. Don't expect them to "bond" with you between the sheets.

No, they aren't total jerks and they can be deeply romantic once committed,  but the only time an Aries wants to stare longingly into your eyes in bed is when you're shocking them with your dirty talk. They love intimacy by way of a strong mental connection (i.e, intellectual debates over a spicy meal), but this is not a sign that will want to bathe together in candlelight or use the term "making love" often, if ever. In fact, both make them cringe, so don't suggest either, thanks. The more you bond with them outside of the bedroom, the hotter the action once you hit the sheets. The quickest way to hot sex? Take them on a date where they can be active and competitive, preferably with you.  Don't "let" them win. Let them see you're a worthy opponant and you'll "win" either way.

6. They can, uh, rush through things.

If you've ever tried foreplay with an Aries, you know it lasts about three minutes before they want to get to the main event. When there, they like to move through moves like they do life — fast and furiously. Wham, bam, you're welcome.  Don't worry, they will want to do it again in a few hours. Think of it as tapas-style sex vs gorge once-a-week make out sessions. They may try to high-five you. Just go with it.


7. When they're done, they're done.

They know you want to linger in bed and cuddle, and being the generous sign they are, they might just oblige you. But inside, they're thinking it's hot, they're hungry, and they want to get up and make a sandwich and check their work email. It's not that they don't enjoy spending time with you, it's that they can't sit (lay) still that long.

8. The shy need not apply.

With wine, lovers, food and sex, this is a sign that favors the bold. They love anything exciting, daring and even a little dangerous, which means they do not want to have to coerce you out of your towel.

Asking them to lay in the missionary position while listening to sweet nothings will have them telling you to straight out up your sex game. They want you to light their spine on fire and make them sweat. Translation: Go bold or go to sleep.

9. "Weird" things turn them on.

A man shaving, power, debates, competition, Gladiators, roller coasters, scars, fire, fast cars, swords, boxing ...


10. They want you to play head games.

Aries rules the head, which means that, depending on your ram, anything from a soft scalp massage to full-on hair pulling can be major turn-ons.

11. They can go from really hot to really cold (really fast).

Blame it on their feisty planet, but these men and women tend to live in a world of extremes, which means they can be a little fickle in the beginning. They will profess their undying love and passion for you on a Tuesday, and be blocking your number on Friday (and unblocking it the following Saturday as they will realize they were impulsive and they never hold a grudge). They will then be extremely confused as to why you're mad.  If you do find that your Aries disappears, these are a few of the most common reasons: you had sex with them too soon, you came off as weak (female Aries usually desire someone as tough as they are), you hurt their feelings (as tough as they are, they are SUPER sensitive), they wrote you off as a stick-in-the-mud or they feel you're being dishonest. That last one is a major deal breaker for this super-sincere sign.

12. Deep down, they want romance.

It's just a different kind of romance. You know, more making out with their our arch rival post Zorro-style-fencing-battle than Say Anything-style serenading, which frankly, makes them very uncomfortable.  



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