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Don't be afraid to be silly or be wrong. Just be yourself.
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You Rock, Girl! 15 Inspirational Quotes From Celeb Ladies We Love

Margaret Cho. Tina Fey. Amy Poehler. These A-list ladies have collectively captured our hearts in a way that others haven't. They're smart. They're sassy (if not borderline outrageous). Not to mention, they're gorgeous in the most I-don't-give-a-flip-what-you-think-about-me way. Most importantly, they know how hard it can be to love yourself, especially as a woman in a world that criticizes our teeny-tiny flaws. That being said, these women help us feel better about ourselves by being relatable, realistic, and, well, themselves! Read on for some of our favorite witty quips from our girl crushes like Maya Rudolph, Anna Kendrick and more!

The lovely Ms. Marilyn Monroe.
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8 Death Quotes From Celebrities We've Loved And Lost

We love our celebrities dearly, and even after they've departed, their timeless words live on. And perhaps in an ironic twist of fate, they had some of the most profound, beautiful thoughts on life and death ever conceived. Read on for eight amazing quotes from beloved icons we've loved and lost.

Don't give up!
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Loveumentary #7: A Love Worth Fighting For

Welcome to The Loveumentary on YourTango! Every Wednesday, YourTango will be hosting podcasts from the Loveumentary Project, created by Nate Bagley. Today's podcast is all about commitment. What lengths are you willing to go to make your relationship work?

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There's nothing quite like a hug from Papa.
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Make Dad Smile: 10 Thankful Quotes For Father's Day

He's funny, handy and always armed with a tidbit of wisdom. And let's admit it: His jokes are terrible, but they do crack you up every time. Dads are the everyday heroes of our lives in ways big and small. Just in time for Father's Day, here are the 10 funniest, heartfelt quotes guaranteed to show Dad how much you love him.

Shonda Rhimes.
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6 Inspiring Love Quotes From Shonda Rhimes

In light of Shonda Rhimes' mega-inspiring commencement speech at Dartmouth College (her alma mater), we've put together a list of some of our favorite Shonda Rhimes quotes! She is a brilliant woman, with much to say about life and love. So read on and be inspired!

The eternal battle of head versus heart.
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Loveumentary #20: What Happens When Head And Heart Collide?

Welcome to The Loveumentary on YourTango! Every Wednesday, YourTango will be hosting podcasts from the Loveumentary project, created by Nate Bagley. Today's podcast is an intimate interview with Jim, a man whose wife of 40 years underwent brain surgery to remove a pituitary tumor and hasn't been the same person since.

Helen Mirren, one saucy lady.
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Helen Mirren's 12 Most Fabulous Quotes On Life, Love And Sex

Helen Mirren is almost too fab for words (but we're gonna try anyway). Her decades-long career has inspired countless actresses and her relationship with husband Taylor Hackford is a model we should all follow. To express our deep love for this amazing actress and artist, we've rounded up our favorite quotes from the queen herself.