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Does your partner's touches still give you butterflies?
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Embrace The One You Love: 23 Sexy Quotes About Touch

Touch is the most important of the five senses when it comes to love. We flirt with playful pats, we lean in for swoon-worthy kisses, we hold each other tightly when we feel insecure and we tantalize each other with sensual massages. Touching, simply, is showing your love. Here are over twenty quotes that put it into words perfectly.

sad bride
It's hard when your heart is broken, but you have to pick up the pieces.
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Overcoming Heartbreak: 10 Quotes To Help You Move On

Letting go of someone (and along with them, the memories you shared and once cherished) can feel like erasing a part of yourself too. But we don't think of it that way. Breaking up with your ex is the healthiest move you can make in finding fulfilling and lasting love.

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Don't let these 'love quotes' lead you to heart break.
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5 Famous Love Quotes That Are Just Wrong

Many popular love quotes fom famous celebrities and movies have taken off, but are they true to real life? It turns out, not so much. In fact, there may be a love quote or two you've sworn by that's hurting your love life. See the five love quotes that are a bit mixed up below.

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Love is oftentimes an indescribable emotion.

15 Universal Love Quotes To Share On Valentine's Day

From parents to children to romantic partners, everyone deserves to know how much you love them on Valentine's Day! Here are some of the sweetest, wisest love quotes that you might consider sharing with those extra special people in your life.

Michelle Obama
"Barack Obama is still the same man I fell in love with all those years ago."
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Happy 50th Birthday, Michelle Obama! 10 Of Her Best Love Quotes

Today, Michelle Obama turns 50! Her husband may be president of the United States, but the First Lady's no slouch herself. One often overlooked aspect of the First Lady is her sage advice on love and relationships! And as a mother of two girls and wife of 22 years, Michelle's got a lot of meaningful experience to back up her words.