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First Date: What Not To Say On A First Date
For most people, dating is a means to an end: finding that one person to share your life.
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First Date Faux Pas: 5 Things You Shouldn't Talk About

First dates can be awkward enough without someone blurting out that they collect Pokemon cards, or once went a week without showering. Knowing what not to talk about, and bring up in conversation will help relieve some of the weirdness that a first date involves.

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I'd never brought a boyfriend home before — never even had a boyfriend to bring home.
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About That Time I Made My Jewish BF Meet My Parents — On Easter

The first time I brought my boyfriend home to meet my parents was also Easter. And my boyfriend is Jewish. Whoops. Looking back on it, I give him credit for putting up with so much craziness on such a religious-oriented holiday. But the first time I brought my boyfriend home to my parents wasn't just Easter Sunday, it was also the first time for another milestone in our relationship.

It's best to do what she says.
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Guys, Listen Up: What Women Want You To Know

Women have unrealistic expectations about what guys should know about dating and relationships. I know this because — you guessed it — I'm a female. And while we don't expect you to magically know everything we're thinking all of the time, we do expect you to magically know what we're thinking most some of the time.