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Orange is The New Black
"You will see more back stories in season 2."
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Danielle Brooks Gives Us The Scoop On 'Orange Is The New Black'

Netflix released the trailer for season 2 of Orange Is The New Black yesterday and the Internet freaked out. This is understandable since we have all been eagerly waiting for something to binge-watch on Netflix. In celebration of the fact that we are finally getting more episodes of Orange Is The New Black, we caught up with Danielle Brooks (aka Tasha 'Taystee' Jefferson) to get the scoop on season 2.

Dallas Buyers Club
It's time to let the actors who best can play the role, play the role.
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Gender-Bending Hollywood: It's Time To Put The Boxing Gloves Down

Let's talk straight actors stealing all the gay roles, e.g. Jared Leto playing Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club (big clap for the Oscar winner), and gay actors stealing all the straight roles, e.g. Zachary Quinto playing Spock in Star Trek Into The Darkness. Where's the equality in all of this?

pretty in pink poster
Even the biggest Pretty in Pink fan may have over ooked this Easter egg!
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The Romantic-Movie Easter Egg Hunt: How Many Can You Find?

Easter is close and that means it's about time for an Easter egg hunt. Of course as adults we may not be running around yards in search of plastic eggs filled with goodies but instead we are searching for Easter eggs left behind by writers, actors and directors from some of our favorite romantic comedies.

Molly Swenson and Ian Somerhalder
Is this who Ian Somerhalder is moving on from Nina Dobrev with?
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Who Is Ian Somerhalder's New Lady, Molly Swenson?

Does Ian Somerhalder have a new girlfriend? Rumor has it that the wannabe Christian Grey has moved on from his The Vampire Diaries co-star Nina Dobrev with a lady named Molly Swenson. Neither party has confirmed the pairing, but E! News reports that the pair were cute and cozy this week. So who is Molly Swenson? We've got your curiosity covered!