50 Things You Should Try For Hotter Sex

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Find out how each gender plays out their fears in dreamland!
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What Your Guy's Nightmares Really Mean

After a study of about 10,000 dreams reported by 500 people was performed and there was an obvious trend of the same kind of nightmares among each gender, but each gender seems to be dwelling on things in very different ways.

Life Coach: The Questions You Should Ask Before You Commit
I know he's the one. For the first time in my life, I'm absolutely certain...I think.
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8 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before You Commit To A Partner

Falling in love can be easy, but choosing the best candidate is not always the same. Sometimes you find yourself going back and forth in your head asking, "Is this the person I'm destined to be with? What if it's not?" If this sounds like you even just a little, you should definitely read Life Coach Bonnie Olson's article for support.

Mrs. Doubtfire
Robin Williams' Euphegenia Doubtfire is coming out of retirement for a sequel!
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6 Things You Never Knew About 'Mrs. Doubtfire'

Robin Williams will reprise his role as Euphegenia Doubtfire in a "Mrs. Doubtfire" sequel. In honor of this new film, coming out two decades after the original, we're presenting six fast facts about the first film that we betcha you didn't know or couldn't remember!

Divorce Coach: The Differences Between Men & Women During Divorce
You're both fighting for your own set of needs.
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The Differences Between Men & Women During The Divorce Process

Going through a divorce? Well, within your relationship, it's likely that you all forgot that as different genders, you have different goals. This divorce won't be any easier than the relationship, but it may be in your best interest to keep the differences (that drew you apart) in mind to help you through the divorce. Read for more divorce advice from Dr. Karen Finn.

awkward in bed
Stick to your day job.
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It's Science: Sorry, Your Partner Knows When You're Faking It

If you're convinced that you're just as good as Meg Ryan and can make a group of restaurant goers believe you climax just from eating a sandwich then you might be in over your head when you're having sex with your longtime partner. According to a new Canadian study, both men and women in committed relationships can equally tell if their partner is sexually satisfied.