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upset child
Quit telling me I'm "being dramatic" about what's happening.
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The Top 12 Things Your Kids Think About Your Divorce

After working with hundreds of families — and observing the behavior of kids as they struggled through the breakdown of their families — YourTango expert Tara Kennedy-Kline reveals the top 12 things kids think about divorce, but don't have the world experience to say directly.

woman smiling at her desk
"Writers are awesome, creative & smart as hell, but they're tough.They always want more."
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Love What You Do? What Guys Really Think Of… Your Job

Does tenure as a kindergarten teacher make you sweet and cuddly in the eyes of your man? Or do lawyers really turn them on? Will your secretarial position at an ad agency have your guy seeing stars in the supply closet after hours? Surprisingly, we found that guys are paying more attention to your career choices than we’d ever thought.

A scene from 'Game of Thrones'
The fourth-season premiere delivered the show's biggest audience yet: 6.6 million viewers.
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Obsessed With 'Game Of Thrones'? See The Cast In Real Life!

Wait, you mean the "Mother of Dragons" isn't platinum blonde and cruising around with her entourage of dragons down the streets of Los Angeles all the time? In fact, Emilia Clarke looks almost unrecognizable when she is not in character. Like you, we have gotten so used to seeing the cast of 'Game Of Thrones' in their extensive costumes in the kingdoms of Westeros that we forget that they exist in real life from time to time.

Greer Grammer
"My dad loves babies and creating a family with Kayte," Greer tells us.
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Exclusive! Greer Grammer On Her Famous Dad & Growing Up Grammer

Best known for playing Lissa in MTV's 'Awkward', which returns for its fourth season April 15, Greer Grammer is carrying on her family’s showbiz legacy — yep, her dad is Kelsey Grammer ('Frasier') and her older sister is Spencer Grammer ('Greek'). She had a lot to say about her famous family, love life, and a couple of celebrity newlywed pals.