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Sex: How To Make Your Wife In The Mood For Sex
Find the perfect pace for you and your partner.
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Are You The Tortoise Or The Hare In The Bedroom?

Men and women are different, especially when it comes to sex. While men are ready to go quickly, women need to get warmed up. YourTango expert Todd Reed offers men and women a few tips on how to slow down the Hare and speed up the Tortoise in the bedroom.

woman upset looking at her phone
"When they can't distinguish the difference from 'you're' and 'your,' I'm out!"
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No Thx, Bye! 9 Women Reveal Their Texting Dealbreakers

Gentleman — if you're seeing someone new, you're probably spending a lot of time rewriting your texts, and rethinking what emojis to send to your potential love interest (and if you're not, it's time to start!). Take a hint from the ladies, and read on to find out what innuendos, grammar mistakes, and un-sexy imagery will cause them to call it quits!