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The 13 Awkward Stages Of Making A Sex Tape

Let's be frank; outside of porn stars in a carefully choreographed scene, most of us don't look so pretty in a sex tape (looking at you, Paris). Plus, it's awkward as hell. And here's the proof, broken down into 13 stages for your convenience.

Does Having Lesbian Sex Make You A Lesbian?
Let's call a spade, a spade.
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I Had Sex With A Woman. Am I A Lesbian?

Women are experimenting with their sexuality more than ever before. How do you know if you've crossed the line into being a lesbian? Expert Mary Malia explains why lesbian sex is not enough to make you a real lesbian.

couple skinny dipping
Break out that birthday suit.
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Sexy Tan, No Tanlines: Here Are America's Top 10 Nude Beaches

Do you have skinny dipping on your bucket list this summer, but are too afraid to sneak away and do the deed? Well, perhaps it's time to find a clothing optional beach. Many think that nude beaches can only be found overseas, but America actually has a good handful of nudist-approved beaches with clothing optional areas all over the country.

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One reason? Their kids are more nurturing.
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It's Science: 6 Reasons Gay Parents Make The Best Parents

Researchers have discovered that when it comes to "general health and family cohesion," it's the children of same-sex couples, as opposed to traditional couples, that really shine. In a world where some people are still living the archaic dream of "one father and one mother does a family make," this is beautiful scientific news. See more facts that will prove that gay parents really have this parenting thing in the bag.