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We present compelling, brave, and thoughtful editorial that inspires, nurtures, informs, and entertains. We have created an interactive platform where our community of users, brands, and the world’s leading relationship experts connect and engage where it matters most: the heart. 


Founder & CEO: Andrea Miller

Founder & CTO: Sanjay Bhatnagar

General Manager: Thomas Miller

Editorial & Partnerships

Editorial Director: Sabrina James

Editor at Large: Andrea Zimmerman

Deputy Editor: Kim Hays

Senior Editor, Partnerships & Audience Development: Michelle Spollen

​Editor, Thought Leaders & Features: Joanna Schroeder

Senior Experts Editor: Cris Gladly

Associate Editor, Experts: Kayla Cavanagh

Assistant Editor, Bloggers: Samm Maffucci

​Editorial Fellow: Kiarra Sylvester

Expert Division

Senior Vice President, YourTango Experts: Melanie Gorman

Director of Marketing and Business Development, YourTango Experts: Susan Boyd

Sales Consultants: Judy Strain, Natalie Schubert

Customer Service: Deb Swann 

Administrative Assistant: Dorothy Camp

​Advertising Sales

Account Executive, Book Publishers: Sam Cagguila

Account Executive, East Coast: Jenny Schlesinger 

Ad Operations Manager, Programmatic: Sadhna Bhatnagar​


Video Producer & Editor: Fabian Jimenez


Technology Manager: Tina Grimsley

Developers: Twinlogix​


Legal Counsel: Alison Anthoine, NYC

Accounting and Legal Services: The Vlahadamis Law Firm, P.C., TX.

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