About Us

Love. It's the most important, powerful thing in the world. The root of happiness…and so much more.

YourTango is the premier media company dedicated exclusively to love and relationships. Our mission is to help people love their best and be at the center of this never-ending conversation.

YourTango presents compelling, thoughtful editorial that inspires, nurtures, informs, and entertains. We have created an interactive platform where our community of users, brands, and the world’s leading relationship experts connect and engage where it matters most: the heart. We strive to nestle the YourTango brand happily in hearts across the globe.

We believe in the power of love and dedicate ourselves to it each and every day.

YourTango is the property of Tango Media, a private company based in New York City.

No matter what lovestage our users are in—single, taken, engaged, married, starting over, or complicated—we help them live their best love lives.


YourTango Staff

While YOU are what makes YourTango work, it takes a few of us to keep the place running while you're asleep. We are:

Founder & CEO: Andrea Miller

Chief Operating Officer: Sally Jones

General Manager: Thomas Miller

Senior Vice President, YourTango Experts: Melanie Gorman

Executive Editor: Sabrina James

Director of Audience Development: Andrea Zimmerman

Manager, Newsletter & Ad Operations: Sadhna Bhatnagar

Manager, Branded Content & Marketing: Michelle Miller

Senior Associate Editor: Michelle Toglia

Experts Editor: Rochelle Bilow

Editorial Assistant: Alexandra Churchill

Social Media Editor: Kristen Droesch

Developer: Edgar Marca

Experts Senior Marketing Associate: Susan Boyd

Experts Marketing Associate: Tina Grimsley

Celeb Love Bloggers: Emily L. Foley, Kourtney Jason, Lindsey Kupfer, Jessica Sager

Love Buzz Bloggers: Samantha Escobar, Irene Jay, Amanda Chatel, Anna Quitana, Jen Glantz, Danielle Page, Alex O'Neale, Rachel Khona, Sarah Yang, Tiffany McHugh, Kristin Granero

Love Mom Bloggers: Amber Copeland, Colleen Meeks, Brooke Dowd Sacco

Legal Counsel: Alison Anthoine, NYC

Accounting and Legal Services: The Vlahadamis Law Firm, P.C., TX.